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Be All That You Can Be (But Get a Haircut)

On the heels of last week’s (relatively) successful resolution in Libya, President Obama’s announcement on Sunday that all troops will be withdrawn from Iraq by the end of the year signifies the beginning of what is likely to be the steepest drop in active service men and women in recent US history.

And the perfect time, according to Sgt. Maj. of the Army Raymond Chandler, to tighten up grooming standards.

“I believe that we can better visualize to the American people and the Army what it means to be an American soldier than we’re doing now,” Chandler told Army Times. “Those can be done through personal grooming standards and standards of appearance and the uniforms we wear and how we choose to wear them. I think we can do better. Now’s the time to take a look at it.”

How high and tight is the Sergeant Major looking to go?»

The Sun is Hot and the Dock is Open

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Inked Up


If we have one complaint about modern art, it’s that you can’t imprint it on your bicep. Fortunately, it looks like Jenny Holzer and the Whitney have the same objection.

To coincide with Holzer’s PROTECT PROTECT show—much of which is context-free sentences on text crawls—the Whitney gift shop is offering those same phrases in temporary-tattoo form, in fonts that range from 80s metal band to 70s porn. The full set will run you $35 bucks, or roughly five bucks a day until they wear off.

Maybe it’s the Heat


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Beckham's Subpar Looks, Wrinkle-Free and Lookin' Good, and Some Kick-Ass Shoes


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Alien Slave Women, Woody's Legal Briefs and Lad Nouveau


Space Case: Once, we were grown men who watched football and Westerns. Then, Sci-Fi fox Tricia Helfer snared us her Tholian web of leggyness.[OhNoTheyDidn't]

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Better Than a Card: Earnest Sewn will be offering discount tattoos for Mothers Day. How come you never see moms sporting "Son" tats? [Paper]