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Thom Browne Also in Bed with Target

  • Najib Benouar

Earlier this year, we brought news of a Thom Browne suit that you could pick up for around a grand. Now, behold: a Thom Browne blazer for 150 clams. (About a tenth of what his stuff usually goes for.)

It’s a product of yet another Target collaboration—this time with Neiman Marcus and some more design-world heavies (part of a holiday collection, so you’ll find some Band of Outsiders cookie cutters amongst the handful of men’s stuff). It’s got the signature Thom Browne schoolboy thing happening and his tricolor stripe in the placket (so you know it’s Thom Browne for Target), but it isn’t made from some odd blend of material—the promise of 100% wool gives us some hope that Browne kept some standards. Naturally, we’ll hold off final judgment till the December 1 release date.

Which, sadly, is one month too late for your “Gangnam Style” costume.

Gap Year

  • Najib Benouar

Diffusion lines are nothing new, but lately we’ve been seeing some bold-faced menswear names deciding to collaborate with big-box retailers for capsule collections (you might remember Odin and Target’s recent team-up).

Enter the latest high-low venture from Gap, facilitated by GQ and involving just about every so-hot-right-now designer in the menswear blogoshpere: Ovadia & Sons, Ian Velardi, Mark McNairy, Saturdays, BLK DNM and Todd Snyder. With that much talent in one shopping aisle, you’re bound to turn out more than a few exciting pieces. And since we were allowed a sneak peek at Tuesday night’s launch event (you’ll need to check a map for your nearest shopping mall on September 27 to see them yourself), we thought we’d give you the inside scoop on the most promising stuff.

Herewith, all the jackets, shirts and pants worth finding the nearest Gap for.»

Soup for You

A couple weeks ago, we came down pretty hard on the oversaturation of Warhol schwag, namely this giant Campbell’s range hood. Our views on this matter have not changed.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Warhol’s iconic painting, Campbell’s Soup is distributing its tomato variety in a series of designer, Warhol-inspired cans. We’re told that you can pick up the entire set at Target for the remarkably fair price of $0.75 a can.

In other news, Campbell’s Soup is still in business.

The Five Most Promising Looks from Odin at Target

  • Najib Benouar

We like Odin. We’ve bought dish soap at Target. So naturally, we were curious to see what would happen when we heard the two were getting together.

The lookbook has just hit the interwebs, and on first glance, we think we like what we see. We’ll hold off final judgment till September 9, when the gear rolls out nationwide, but there are definitely some promising pieces in the collection—most notably, a navy pair of white-Vibram-esque-soled desert boots and what looks to be a take on the prepster gem known as a “fun shirt.” So we sifted through it all for your previewing pleasure.

A closer look at the best of Odin at Target.»

Theres Alexandersson Is About to Crab Walk

  • Najib Benouar

via ZAC

Target Acquired: On the heels of successful capsule collections with a few womenswear bigs, Target is now planning one with the impossibly stylish New York men’s shop Odin. Definitely something to keep an eye on. [A Bullseye View]

As the Crow Flies: An aerial slideshow of the secret New York City rooftops that lay hidden to most city dwellers, high above the fray. [NYMag]

Suit Yourself: Mark Zuckerberg’s hooded-sweatshirt-ness has been all fine and dandy until now—when you’ve got a few billion dollars (of real money) at stake, it might be time to get serious. [Bloomberg]

A Good Vintage: Mr. Lean embarks upon the yearly pilgrimage to Brimfield, MA, with fellow vintage enthusiasts, Americana-philes and our very own camouflage-panted editorial director. [A Continuous Lean]

Kempt Man of the Hour: Aziz Ansari

MOTHaziz_crop.jpgvia GoaG

MOTHs are usually a pretty formal affair, but we’re can’t resist a well-executed crew neck, particularly if the occasion calls for it.

In this case, the occasion is a Target gala at the Ace Hotel—practically a Bermuda Triangle of above-it-all dishevelment. And while Aziz Ansari certainly knows his way around a suit, this time he went with a retro crewneck sweater better suited to lazy Sundays than industry galas. The telling detail here is the collar, a shrunken spread collar fanned out as wide as it’ll go. Poke around menswear blogs for long enough and you’ll peep the same trick in JFK's yacht pictures, which makes for a pretty good precedent.

It’s not quite enough to mark Aziz as a well-dressed comedian, but at this point he’s got cred to spare.

Shipley + Halmos, Hedi's Pics, Turtle Necks and Doctor Love


Bulking Up: There's a pernicious rumor that we'll see healthier, more human looking humans on Fashion Week's runways. We'll believe it when we see it. [Gawker]

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"Who's Neck Gets Cold Anyway": Wearing a "polo neck" (trans.—turtle neck) could make you look smug and perhaps even glib. [Guardian UK]

The Big Sleep: Us Americans are such fatty fats that we need king-sized autopsy tables. [IHT]

Targeting Rogan, Avery Scores, Preaching to Papa

Rogan Gregory


Karen's Course Correction: DKNY restructures its menswear strategy. [DNRNews]

In The Crosshairs: Target snatches up CFDA-winner Rogan Gregory. [WWD, 2nd item]

Adieu, Bonjour: At Paris Fashion Week, YSL is out (for now) and Dries Van Noten is back. [FWD]

Winging It: Smith & Mills for dinner, the Beatrice for drinks, Black on his fingernails, Sigur Ros in the locker room and Cuthbert in the bag—Sean Avery's pretty New York… for a Canuk with a stick. [NYTimes]

Arch Support: The Sartorialist needs your help with his hoofs. [The Sartorialist]

Fatherly Advice: Director Franco Zeffirelli has some style pointers for the Pope (who just happens to wear Prada). [Catholic News Agency]

Cold Fronts


Apropos of this weekend's light dusting, we've been hearing quite a lot about the influence of the weather on the higher-end lines lately. A few weeks back, Weatherproof backed up its moniker by taking out a policy on Mother Nature and, just this Sunday, the Times followed the trend from Claiborne to Target.

Pushing back the industry speak and the meteorological bet-hedging, what does all this mean for the Kempt man? Not all that much really, as you already know that layering, an alpaca driver's coat and a scarf are closet must haves. Afterall, as the Times notes only a few gray pages away from its exploration of retail and snow, even Blake Lively is impressed by how Gothamites brave whatever AccuWeather can dish out.