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Candice Swanepoel Cannot Let Go of the Beach

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MCD, RIP: Michael Bay and Tom Hanks, among others, share their memories of the larger-than-life Michael Clarke Duncan on his passing. [CNN]

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Dandy Tanner: Hypebeast catches up with Tanner Goods’ Sam Huff to talk leather and this whole heritage trend thing. [Hypebeast]

The Western Belt

Tanner Goods belt

For the past few years, high-end belts have been in an authenticity arms race, to the point that our favorite belts have been undyed straps of leather with as little finish as possible. To be fair, they look great over raw denim, but it’s time the world’s leatherworkers got a little more creative.

This hand-tooled Tanner Goods belt is the perfect example. Granted, it’s throwing off bolo-tie levels of theatrical Western-ness, but paired with the right denim jacket, it could be brilliant. Mostly, we’re glad to see belts getting a little bit louder than the unmarked leather strap. Now all you need is some kind of buckle…

Some People Just Love the Mail

Stitch After Stitch: Michael Williams tours Isaia’s Napoli factory, one handmade buttonhole at a time. [A Continuous Lean]

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Leigh Yeager Has Invented Lingerie Yoga

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Please Give: Esky’s Nick Sullivan is doing great work documenting the crippling sock shortage at Pitti Uomo. [Esquire]

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