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Tank Tops for the Proper Occasions

Tank Top

Let’s face it: things are about to get sweaty.

Now, during the week there’s not much you’ll be able to do about the predicament. Workplaces that condone the requisite ventilating brachial nudity are truly few and far between. So you’ll slap on some deodorant, don a lightweight fabric and go about your daily routine, albeit a little stickier.

The weekends, however... Well, they’re an entirely different ball game.

Strolling the boardwalk. Washing the car. Playing a pickup game of soccer in the park. These are situations where the dress code is as relaxed as your attitude should be. Likewise, these are the moments when a foray into the exposed world of tank tops is perfectly acceptable, if not encouraged. (Cue “gun show” jokes.) And though those few inches of missing fabric may not be able to stave off the impending perspiration entirely, they can sure as hell make it more bearable.

For a few Kempt-approved sleeveless choices, peruse the selection after the jump. Trust us, your T-shirts will appreciate the day off...»

Tallulah Morton Looks Better Than You in a Tank Top

  • Kempt Staff

Tallulah Mortonvia WBE

Tanking Hard: Esquire takes issue with The NY Times’ endorsement of men wearing tank tops. (For our take, see: Russell, Kurt.) [Esquire]

Olympic Mettle: Meanwhile, on the other side of Print Media Town, GQ rounds up a dozen tank tops “fit for an Olympian.” (Everyone else should still proceed at their own peril). [GQ]

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Umbrella, Ella, Ella: Your daily dose of umbrella porn (if there is such a thing), by way of Naples. [Die, Workwear!]

The Pocket Tank

  • Najib Benouar

The tank top can be a tricky move. But the payoff is high: do it right, and you’re king of the beach. And now that the summer solstice is set firmly in our sights, it’s inevitable to begin daydreaming of weekend afternoons spent tropical-drinking and shoulder-bronzing.

Most importantly, you’ve got to set yourself some ground rules: must be within walking distance of water, preferably on an island—Manhattan has the additional requirement of a rooftop—and play it loose. Once you’ve got that down, it’s on to the tank itself. And we haven’t found anything better than the tanks from SoHo’s beach-bum-savants at Saturdays Surf. They’re a bit more substantial than your average Maui and Sons number, and the patterns and pocket give them a touch more sophistication—you’ll want to get as much of that in as possible.

And remember, the tank is more than just a shirt, it’s a state of mind.

The Summer Dress Code

Silly Hat

You’ll be seeing a lot of summer gear in the blogodome over the next few weeks, and to the untrained eye it might seem like everyone’s going to spend the next three months in shades, shorts and brightly colored t-shirts.

Not so.

They’re all good things to have in your closet, provided you know when and where to break them out—but in the wrong hands, they're a faux pas waiting to happen.

So as a public service, we thought we’d share the sartorial code we live by during the summer.

Gentlemen, take notes»