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The Wisdom of Take Ivy, Congolese Dandies and the Return of the Pleated Pant

  • Kempt Staff

Congolese Dandies

Talk Ivy: Ivy Style sits down with Toshiyuki Kurosu, one of the creators of the legendary menswear book Take Ivy.

Congo Line: Discovering the lesser-known subculture of Congolese dandies, better known as Les Sapeurs.

Yes, Pleats: Esquire talks to Unis designer Eunice Lee about the return of pleated pants.

Fabulous ’40s: Financial Times pens an ode to 1940s menswear in their latest editorial.

Dusting Off: White Socks

As connoisseurs of history, we sometimes find styles, habits and turns of phrase from the past that we wouldn’t mind bringing back to the present, Doc Brown-style. This time around, we’re dusting off white socks.

The usual line on socks is pretty simple: gray, blue, brown or black. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can get into crazy patterns and fluorescent hues, but that’s pretty much the limit of blog-approved style.

It wasn’t always this way. In the Kennedy era, the tube sock was one of the great American staples alongside crewneck sweatshirts and pressed khakis—but somewhere along the line, the snow-white tube sock became a sartorial faux pas. By our lights, it’s due for a revival.

Rehabilitating the tube sock…»

Ieva Laguna Is Shrinking

  • Najib Benouar

Give and Take: Ivy Style examines the life and career of Kensuke Ishizu, the man behind “Take Ivy.” Needless to say, he kept busy. [Ivy Style]

Georgia On Our Mind: The Cut has an exclusive video of Georgia Jagger's latest turn as Hudson's spokeswoman. We're equal parts enthralled and dizzy. [The Cut]

And The Winner Is...: Esquire tallies the winners and losers of men's fashion at last night's Emmys. Hint: It's not lupus. [Esquire]

Chrome Spinning: Google and Arcade Fire have teamed up to create a *WWA*-esqe interactive video. Fret not, the overwhelming amount of pop-up windows are part of the video. [Wired]

Take Twelve


A Continuous Lean clued us in to this early instance of Sartorialist-style fashion photography. Photographer T. Hayashida took a tour of the Ivy League circa 1968, snapping pictures for posterity. Given that preppy style of that era is a touchstone for everyone from J. Crew to Shipley & Halmos, there’s more than a few pointers to pick up if you’re watching closely.

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