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The Porch Perch

The perch. An underestimated sitting position—relaxed, but alert. Clear sight lines. Nimble. And never more so than upon the Curt deck chair from Swiss designers Bernhard-Burkard, who assure us that:

Even though it looks dangerous it provides comfort seating and relaxing in every occasion.

The ends of the uprights are coated with a nonslip rubber, and the physics makes sense. (Note: the latter half of the previous sentence could not be verified.) More good news about the uprights: they are hand-built by people with mental and physical disabilities at the Altra workshop in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, using local ash and beech wood.

Ideal perching wood.

The Wild Swiss


We’ve found a new subculture of the week: Swiss greasers. Through the late 50s and 60s, they were terrorizing the country with greased pompadours, biker jackets and oversized belt buckles with pictures of Elvis on them—almost all of which looks pretty awesome in retrospect. Rebel Youth, a new book from Rizzoli New York (out February 8), takes a look at what the rockabillies of Switzerland were up to during those years. It turns out to have a lot more in common with punk than you might think. And being European, they naturally knew how to pull off a neckerchief.

Slimmed Down


Last time we checked in with Swatch, they were cataloguing the wristwear choices of Bond villains and tweeting up a storm, but it looks like they’ve made a fair bit of progress in the meantime.

The classic brand just debuted five new sport models, including this gray number aptly titled “Sign in the Sky.” They’re not quite as villainous as we would have liked, but you can never have too many stripped-down sports watches on hand. If you’ve given up on the vintage watch hunt—and you’ve got understandable moral objections to checking the time on your phone—this might be a pretty good place to start.

The Architect

zumthor_crop.jpgBregenz Art Museum Interior

A good rule of thumb: any discipline that throws around the term “brutalism” isn’t something you want to traverse without a native guide.

So it’s nice to have an architecture prize let us know what’s happening. The Pritzker Prize is more or less the top honors, known within the industry as the Nobel Prize of architecture, and apparently it’s just been nabbed by a clever Swissman named Peter Zumthor.

Not bad, for a kid from Basel…

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Tall Boys


It’s hard to overstate the appeal of a very tall beer glass. It’ll help you master your pouring and you won’t have to suffer through foamless pilsners anymore, but the real fun is bringing a bit of Bavaria to your coffee table. Or, in this case, a bit of Switzerland.

Just pour down the middle and you should be fine.