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Now Open: The OB Archive from Orlebar Brown

  • Najib Benouar


Perfectly timed for any spring break getaways you might have planned, Orlebar Brown has just launched the OB Archive.

And while there’s plenty of good stuff from seasons past in there, we’re most interested in the limited-edition print swimsuits. It’s your chance to pick up a design that probably won’t see the light of the beach ever again (or anytime soon, at least) and for 20% off with the code ARCHIVE20 at checkout.

Here are the five swimsuits to consider.»

What Your Printed Swimsuit Says About You

  • Kempt Staff


Printed swimsuits are having a moment. (Look no further than our summer must-haves for proof.)

This summer, it seems that every menswear label with access to quick-dry material has put out some sort of printed swimsuit—from camo to full-on art photography—and in the event you’re in the market for one or have already jumped on the trend, it’s imperative you know how your fellow pool-mates or beach-goers are reading into your choice. So, in our grand fashion of telling you what your sartorial choices mean:

Here’s what your printed swimsuit says about you.»

These Are Your Summer Must-Haves

  • Kempt Staff

Must Haves

If you can’t quite put your finger on why things are feeling more summery on Kempt today, we’d like to direct your attention to the left column (you might want to scroll a bit).

We’ve got a fresh crop of seasonal must-haves at the ready for your impending summer adventures. Some can be ordered, while others will require a little creativity and stylishness, but most of all, they’re here to serve as inspiration for the warmer months to come.

Allow us to show you the way to the greatest summer ever.»

More of the Season’s Most Dapper Swimwear


Admit it, you can already hear the beach calling... The sand between your toes. The salty sea air. The bikinis... One day soon enough, though, it’ll all be reality. And you’ll need to be prepared.

Luckily, our friends at UrbanDaddy have tipped us off to just the solution: the ever-handsome swimwear selection at Venroy, now finally available in America.

Designed by two Australian surfers-cum-master-boardshort-craftsmen, Venroy has been churning out beautiful swim trunks in Sydney since 2010. And up until now, that’s where they’ve stayed. But as of May 1, the pair has begun shipping to their friends across the Pacific (read: us). The hand-tailored shorts hit that elusive upper-knee sweet spot and come in colors like “guava” and “honeysuckle,” which should have you ready for the approaching seminudity.

A couple crunches might not hurt either.

Here’s a Patently Bizarre Tank Suit Ad from 1970

From time to time, we stumble upon a photograph from the past that simply defies logic. Take this tank suit ad published by Condé Nast in 1970, for example...

What we do know:

Title: “Man Modeling Tank Suit” • Photographer: Mark Patiky, of “Miles Davis Lounging on Bed of Skins with Unidentified Female” fame. • Corbis Description: “A male model lounges on a beach in front of a jeep and a police officer wears a pair of aviator sunglasses, striped tank-suit with a high scoop neck made of ribbed acrylic fiber, by Drummond.”

What we do not know:

• The definition of “tank suit.” • Why there is no mention in the Corbis description of a woman soft-shoeing down the beach in an evening gown. • Whether this is a real police officer, since the only town he looks to be serving and protecting is Sodomyville.

We welcome your thoughts on the matter...

Celebrating Another Great Memorial Day Tradition

  • Najib Benouar

In addition to feeling extra patriotic, a lot of our favorite menswear labels are feeling extra generous this weekend—loving America can do that to you—and they’re running some solid Memorial Day weekend sales.

So we’ve gone ahead and picked out the most enticing of the bunch—from the likes of Billy Reid and Ovadia & Sons—and zeroed in on which items we think you should focus your attention on. (Stuff that’ll come in handy within the next few months.)

You’ll find them here, after the jump. Sale away.»

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The Summer Dress Code

Silly Hat

You’ll be seeing a lot of summer gear in the blogodome over the next few weeks, and to the untrained eye it might seem like everyone’s going to spend the next three months in shades, shorts and brightly colored t-shirts.

Not so.

They’re all good things to have in your closet, provided you know when and where to break them out—but in the wrong hands, they're a faux pas waiting to happen.

So as a public service, we thought we’d share the sartorial code we live by during the summer.

Gentlemen, take notes»