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Fall Report: Luxe Loungewear

  • Kempt Staff

CPN018_SALTPEPPER_A_1024x1024Even just a year ago, the idea of “designer sweatpants” still seemed like a novel—almost subversive—concept. But as the progress of menswear marches on, it was only a matter of time before the once-reprehensible jersey cotton got handsomely upcycled by some of our favorite labels.

And with lazy Sundays of sports-watching on the horizon, you’ll want to consider the following options of not-at-all-schlubby loungewear.»

The Kempt Guide to Your Thanksgiving Weekend

  • Najib Benouar

You did it. You survived Thanksgiving. Now what?

You could join the fray of rabid consumers... or you could catch up on your Kempt, with a few timely reads from the archives that should help you make it through the weekend—like some prescient sweatpants advice, football talk with John Elway or something magical we like to call T.Hanks-giving. Without further ado:

The five Kempt posts to guide you through your Thanksgiving weekend. Enjoy:»

Bar Refaeli Is Sun-Drying Her Hair

  • Kempt Staff

In Vest Now: More love for lightweight vests—Valet runs down a few more options for the season. [Valet]

Chew on This: The bond between menswear and food grows ever stronger as Complex has just launched a site dedicated to food. [FirstWeFeast]

No Sweat: Philadelphians win the award for being the most sweatpanted people of our nation, according to this recent study. [Time]

Silver Spooner: You already know what your boots say about you, but here’s what your spoons do. [The Atlantic]

Wearing Your Sunday Best

  • Najib Benouar

You’ve got less than two days to get ready for some football.

And more essential than any secret dip recipe or fantasy team voodoo, you’re going to need a trusty pair of sweatpants for your long Sundays to come—not to be confused with the Sundays at the bar (seriously, don’t wear these to a bar, to work or to anything other than an absolute emergency High Life restock). So we rounded up the finest specimens of jersey-cotton leg blankets on the market today, for your football enjoyment, depending on your sartorial leanings—from the Anglophile to the couch-styled.

Herewith, the five best sweatpants you need for game day.»

Everything is Wrong with Dress Pant Sweatpants

Just as declining bee populations have recently signified a larger, potentially apocalyptic environmental crisis, there have been a handful of style trends throughout history that, when examined up against the broader cultural landscape of the day, have served as distress signals of something very, very wrong with our society.

Well gentlemen, one of those signals is blinking right now: Dress Pant Sweatpants.»

The Pants of Deception


These pants are living a lie.

From across the room (or across the internet), they look like honest, god-fearing denim. But as soon as you see someone walk across the room in them—or worse, actually touch the things—you’ll notice the unmistakeable pillowy drape of your sartorial mortal enemy.

Sweatpants. We meet again.

Normally, we’d write it off as a harmless joke, but we can’t shake the possibility that someone will wear these and think they’re actually fooling someone. Have we learned nothing from jeggings?

The New Sweatpant


The sins of sweatpants are legion, but we’d nail it down to one precise factor: the fit. Or, to be even more precise, the complete absence of it. Even the trimmest pair tends to hang from the waist like a pair of unusually puffy curtains. The hate is well-earned but with mistakes like those, it shouldn’t too hard to do better, right?

Fil Melange is doing its best. These “Vonnegut” pants look like jeans from afar, but look closer and you’ll see what the description tactfully labels as “sweatshirt material.” Which is to say, yes, they’re sweatpants—but please don’t call them that.

They look pretty handsome, to be honest, and we don’t doubt they’d be the most comfortable pants in our closet. Still…this can’t help but feel like a supervillain emerging from a long prison stay. They’re reformed, we swear!

What’s the matter? Don’t you trust them?

Claudia Cardinale Is Not Above a Little Gunplay


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