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The Fembots


Robots have been male by default since the 50s, but the female robot has been around for almost as long, whether as a mechanical temptresses or a cold automaton—or usually both.

Apparently the folks at popular science are as intrigued as we are. They recently counted down thirteen real and fictional fembots, and it led to some interesting conclusions. First of all, the best we can do still looks eerily like a mobile mannequin, which is pretty shameful—unless that’s your thing.

And more importantly, that Svedka robot really was that creepy.

Booze and Browse


Andy Salzer of Yoko Devereaux has carved out his little square of the market by pairing themes and tones familiar to Upper East Siders with a Bedford Avenue aesthetic. From tomorrow at noon and lasting until Sunday (though we don't recommend waiting that long) you'll be able to snatch some of Salzer's edgy club-room product at Beacon's Closet prices. In particular, the two-button fleece blazer will be offered up at $60 (down from $216), the cheeky black-fleece…

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