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The Cult of Style

Some brands are more mystifying than others...

Justin Bridges has been pondering the meaning of Supreme all week, on the heels of a profile of the cult brand in this month’s GQ. He covers a lot of ground, but it boils down to a simple question, one that’s struck nearly everyone at some point: what makes a man camp out for a pair of cargo pants?

Naturally, we’ve got a few ideas.

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Board to Death


While we weren’t looking, the painted skateboard seems to have become an artistic rite of passage.

Take, for example, these three boards commissioned by Supreme from Takashi Murakami, showing this weekend at New York’s Surf/Skate alongside Damien Hirst in the prime of his spray-paint period and Jeff Koons in full blow-up monkey face mode. And, most importantly, it’s all plastered on the bottoms of otherwise rideable boards.

Of course, they’re too valuable and too easily scratchable for anyone to actually ride them, and the countercultural cred involved isn’t what it was 20 years ago…but we’re still impressed Supreme managed to pull it off. We believe this qualifies as outside the box.

The Return of Missy Rayder


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Warriors, Come Out and Play


If any street fights break out between brands after Fashion Week—and it’s been known to happen—Supreme will definitely have an edge.

Somehow—and really, the street fight hypothesis is the most likely—these nunchucks found their way into the streetwear brand’s latest Spring/Summer preview. And by all apprearances, they've been practicing. We’re not sure whether to read this as a Warriors reference or a result of Lou Reed’s ongoing penchant for Kung Fu, but we’re still glad to see a label stretching themselves.

And we always thought Gilded Age would make one hell of a crossbow.

See-Thru Skirts, Fast Cars, and Reigning Supreme


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Kermit Meets Terry, Mod Style and Glowing Toiletries


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