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Welcome to the Blogosphere, Superman

Dear Mr. Kent,

On behalf of bloggers everywhere, we’d like to welcome you to New Media.

Like you, we once believed in print journalism. We had subscriptions to things. We creased newspapers and dug into below-the-fold stories about stray dogs and corruption within the gas company. We snickered at comics, replied to classified ads and (acted like we) did the Sunday crossword.

We saw Newsies twice.

But as you so Jerry McGuire-ly (and Sorken-esque-ly) announced to the staff of the Daily Planet, the thrill is gone—journalism has given way to entertainment.

Consider us the best of both...»

Gemma Ward Agrees There’s a Nip in the Air

  • Kempt Staff

Shopping Itinerary 2.0: A Continuous Lean presents what very well may be the most practical men’s shopping tool since the L.L.Bean catalog first arrived in the mail. [A Continuous Lean]

A Time Piece Eight Times Stronger Than Steel: Our friends over at Driven found the perfect watch for Superman. We think it will suit you just fine, too... [Driven]

Redefining Exceptionalism: Vanity Fair dims the light on that shining city on a hill and asks America: “Can we handle the truth?” [Vanity Fair]

Andy Williams Floats Down the Moon River in the Sky: Williams, one of the most popular vocalists of the 1960s, died at the age of 84 Tuesday night. Farewell to our old “huckleberry friend.” [CNN]

Amber Heard is Being Swallowed By Her Hair

amberheard2_crop.jpgvia WBE

Truth, Justice and the American Way: On the heels of a British Superman, Vulture explains why none of our superheroes are played by Americans. Apparently our actors tend to be kind of wimpy. [Vulture]

The Robe: The Ace Hotel’s robe (with terrycloth courtesy of Wings + Horns) is finally available online. [Ace Hotel Blog]

This. Changes. Everything.: Ladies and gentlemen, the Android tablet. [CrunchGear]

So Put Your Little Hand in Mine…: A thorough guesstimate of the time Bill Murray spends in a loop in Groundhog Day. It adds up to about 34 years. [Obsessed With Film]

She’s Third-Wife Material


A Big, Big Love: Ginnifer Goodwin’s W Magazine spread makes a surprisingly cogent case for plural marriage. [FashionIndie]

X-Ray Specs: Oliver Goldsmith enters the world of bespoke frames. [GQ UK]

Man of Steel: The 70s era Superman costume goes on sale. Somewhere, Jerry Seinfeld reaches for his wallet. [IMDB News]

Chastity on the Rise!: Esquire laments the decline in the female libido. It sounds like they’ve been going to the wrong bars… [Esquire]