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The Return of the Summer Pocket Square

  • Kempt Staff


You may recall last summer’s campaigning for the Summer Pocket Square.

If not, allow us to remind you—there’s a certain charm to sticking something bright, gauzy and not too fussy into your breast pocket during the sunnier months... Plus, it’s the easiest way to inject some bright summer vibes into your navy suit or that sandy linen blazer.

And it just so happens that we’ve rounded up the best new summer pocket squares on the market right here.»

Don’t Sweat It

  • Najib Benouar

Here’s a timely reader question that landed in our mailbox this past week, paraphrased below:

Every Labor Day we’re told to pack up the summer gear and start acting like it’s fall. But it’s still hot as hell out and I want to keep wearing stuff that’s not going to make me overheat. Will I be committing sartorial sin by wearing seersucker in mid-September?

Playing by rules can be tough—especially when you’re faced with the sweltering prospect of heading into summer-like conditions wrapped in hopsack wool. In our estimation, your need to stay comfortable in the tail end of summer should supersede any obligations to uphold the vestiges of sartorial tradition—but we don’t want you walking around town giving the wrong impression. So we came up with a simple guideline to follow.

Disentangling the items inextricably linked to summer from the ones with ties loose enough to get away with wearing till the temps actually drop.»

Behold: The Silk Knit Pocket Square

  • Najib Benouar

It’s surprising it’s taken this long, but you’re looking at the world’s first silk knit pocket square (hat tip). And we have the mad #menswear scientists at MS&Co. to thank for this latest breakthrough in pochette technology. Consider it the answer to the prayers of anyone who can’t stand to be without the touch of knit silk but doesn’t necessarily want to wear a tie in this heat. Which makes a good case for its entry into the summer pocket square canon.

The Summer Pocket Square Goes to Camp

  • Najib Benouar

Herewith, the latest entry in our ongoing coverage and advocacy of summer pocket squares (unlike your typical square, these are bright, patterned, gauzy and not too fussy). This duo of tie-dyed Irish linen pocket squares from the perpetually spot-on Sid Mashburn are perfect for adding a little summer-camp nostalgia to your breast pocket—especially if you plan on participating in any semiformal color wars this season.

Your Summer Pocket Square Prescription

  • Najib Benouar

We’re back on the summer pocket square beat, and we noticed a cache of magnificent vintage numbers has just arrived in the well-appointed antiquarian corner of Ovadia & Sons’ webshop. They’re all linen, in patterns from the Roosevelt era, and they’ve been hand-rolled. Which together makes for the ideal prescription to cure any lack of summeriness your breast pocket might be experiencing. Now take two and call us in the morning.

The Summer Pocket Square: Officially a Thing

  • Najib Benouar

As you might have noticed, we’ve spent the past couple weeks trying to make the summer pocket square happen. (Think: bold, vibrant, sometimes-asymmetrical prints of dancing flamingos—or dancing steps, even). And with this new crop of summery silk from Aussie tailor P. Johnson, we can officially say this is happening. Tuck one into your breast pocket and wear it as a badge of dapper festiveness. Our job here is done.

A Pocket Full of Sunshine

  • Najib Benouar

The latest in our ongoing coverage of—and advocacy for—the summer pocket square comes from the habitually dandy fellows at Drake’s London. These summery handkerchiefs of cotton with a touch of silk (force of habit, presumably) have been tipped in bold summer colors and bear patterns that collectively read like the storyboard for your typical summer weekend/fever dream. You’ll want to keep this one handy next time you’re brushing up on your tango.

The Summer Pocket Square

  • Najib Benouar

By now, your dress code’s gotten a little breezier and you’re looking forward to turning up the volume a bit. (A good start would be with your chinos). Thing is, it’s more than likely that the blazer you’re reaching for is in a staid navy twill or earth-tone-y linen. Here’s where you’ll want to inject a little pattern: the pocket square. And you’ll do well with these new offerings from Michael James Milton (h/t Well Spent) that are cut from Japanese cotton and handmade in San Francisco, and range in vibe from classic polka dot to toile to the number pictured here—we’re calling it “Neonavajo.”

Just don’t match them to your tie.