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The New Athleisure Economy: Intent vs. Reality

  • Kempt Staff
The New Athleisure Economy: Intent vs. Reality

Seems like all of our favorite menswear labels are making stylish workout clothes these days, from  Ovadia & Sons to Suitsupply to Dusk, a sporty new collection launched by the folks at Unis yesterday. (And let’s not forget Todd Snyder’s long-standing collaboration with Champion.)

But with all this handsome athletic wear out there, who’s really using it to work out? That slick windbreaker intended for triathlon training will probably end up logging more hours at brunch tables than on running trails. Of course, that shouldn’t stop you from buying it—you’ll just have to come to terms with the intent of your purchase versus the reality of how you’ll actually use it...

That’s where we come in.

Interview: Nish de Gruiter of Suitsupply

  • Najib Benouar
Interview: Nish de Gruiter of Suitsupply

Between shows last week at NYFW: Men’s, we carved out some time to sit down with a few insiders (like Todd Snyder and Jessy Heuvelink, whose interviews we’ve run the past couple days).

Today, we run back the chat we had with Nish de Gruiter, VP of Suitsupply—who’ve nearly single-handedly revolutionized the menswear game since landing on American soil—about their current season, his most coveted item from his days at Cucinelli, what Suitsupply will never make and more.

Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we.

The Six Cotton Suits to Consider

  • Kempt Staff


You’ve probably noticed your office commute getting gradually warmer by the day. And while the weather is partly to blame, so is your suit.

The answer: a trusty cotton suit. Choose the right one and you’ll have the most versatile thing in your closet this summer—in addition to wearing it when you’d otherwise be sweating in wool, you can also throw the jacket into your weekend mix of polo shirts and chinos when the occasion calls for it.

Herewith, the six cotton suits to consider this summer.»

The Buy Line: $500 Suits

  • Najib Benouar


Menswear has come a long way in the past decade.

Even as recently as five years ago, you’d be hard-pressed to find a well-cut suit sourced from an Italian mill without knowing the right tailor and spending at least a grand. But nowadays, thanks to a generally more sophisticated generation of suit wearers (we’d like to take some of the credit for that), globalization and a re-booming business sector, you can get a pretty darn good suit for about 500 bucks. It’s the number we’ve noticed that market forces have settled upon—something we like to call “the buy line.” The same way a good pair of bench-made shoes or a tailored broadcloth dress shirt no longer requires a trip to Savile Row or a small fortune (more on those later down the line).

But first, let’s get to the suits.»

The Weekend Sales Report Card

  • Kempt Staff

1115SalesHeaderWe’ve filtered through all of the online sale noise and graded your best options out there, should you feel inclined to do any menswear browsing this weekend...

For Dapper Leftovers: Quality-meets-price purveyors Suitsupply steeply discount “last season’s last pieces” in their new online outlet, which you can check out with the code EARLYACCESS. Discount: A- Sizes Available: A Selection: A

For a Strong Footing: Peter Nappi is offering up to 50% off a selection of their mind-numbingly handsome leather boots for what we can neither confirm nor deny is the first time. Discount: A Sizes Available: B Selection: B+

For Further Layering: As the temperature dips even lower, Wittmore is taking 25% off all sweaters and sweatshirts when you use the code SWEATERS25 at checkout. Discount: B Sizes Available: A- Selection: B+

More of the good stuff on sale from favorites like Hugh & Crye, Ovadia & Sons and others, after the jump.»