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You’re So Vain

  • Najib Benouar


Someone lit a fire under Glenn O’Brien.

For his most recent Style Guy missive, the perma-MOTH wrote a mini-dissertation on the resurging vanity of his fellow man. (He likes it, by the way.) He doesn’t hold back, waxing poetic on historically vain men, delving into the etymology of vain, and showing some optimism in “this new flowering of men.” Honestly, our head’s still spinning from it all, but in a good way.

For the most part, we’re in agreement. Lately, a new dandyism has re-emerged on the scene, but without the prerequisite air of entitlement. Today’s dandy is master of his own (life)style, not afraid to explore, chance a misstep, or put himself at the forefront of the most pressing of global dilemmas: sustainability, healthcare, fedora vs pork-pie.

Oh and did we mention he included a supplemental “27 Case Studies” for a dizzying 47 slides? The man has done his homework.

Glenn Livin'

  • Jared Paul Stern


Though we haven't reviewed the mag in its entirety, the outlook is good for the Style Guy's first fully revamped issue of *Interview* (September), which is about to hit newsstands. We should have known Ye Olde O'Brien would make things a lot more interesting.

In lieu of the endless fawning profiles of Elton John that cluttered up the pages under the previous regime, we now have full frontal nudes of Kate Moss. The snap here, by fashion photog duo Mert and Marcus, accompanies an interview penned by—you guessed it—Glenn O'Brien.

Because what's the good of being editor if you can't grab all the plum assignments for yourself?

Style Guys Do Wear Plaid

  • Jared Paul Stern


Head to toe madras got a boost this summer from the likes of Ralph Lauren and Thom Browne's Black Fleece collection. However, the full-on matching madras suit effect is a bit much, we feel, even in this realm.

Trust that old dog Glenn O'Brien to show us how it should be done. His plaids are complimentary but not identical; what's more they're obviously well-worn and look as if the fabric might be authentically Indian to boot.

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Code Pink, Knockout Punches and Towering Tommy


Foxy Boxing: Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes and, sigh, Karolina Kurkova have been practicing the sweet science at a local gym. We kind of like the fact that they could beat the snot out of us. [Observer]

"Women Love You in Pink Shirts": We have personal, experiential evidence that this is true. [Just a Guy Thing]

Barney and Friends: The appearences of Michel Gondry, Timo and Panama-hat wearing ping-pong champs at Matthew Barney's National Arts Club dinner add up to the first party report that actually made us jealous. [VF Daily]

One Step at a Time: Just like everything else there, shoemaking in Iraq is a study in tragedy and persistence. [IHT]

Neighborhood Watch: How could we have missed this one? Not only has our beloved Style Guy returned from the front with a new report on CBGB's, but he also waxes nostalgic (in his own unsentimental way) about causing a minor riot with his "socialist-realist rock band." Awesome. [GQ]

Acne Treatment: What? You still haven't hit Acne? [Paper]

Glenn's New Gig, On Point in Brooklyn and The Body's Youth Movement


Creative Direction: GQ's beloved Style Guy settles in behind his new desk. "Mazeltov." says us. [WWD]

All Points East: Our favorite fashion adventurers head to the distant, savage shores of Greenpoint. [Refinery29]

Mating Habits: While Petra Nemcova surprises no one by taking up with Sean Penn, Elle "The Body" Macpherson (born March 29, 1963), keeps us guessing by with a possible link to Julian Schnabel's 21-year-old son. Insert joke about cougars and High-School daydreams here. [Style Dash]

Local Boys Big in Japan: Kempt faves Loden Dager preview their Uniqlo designs with a Tim Hamilton collection on the way. [Racked]

Puff's Revenge: Mr. Combs will be sending Ms. Lopez Sean John baby clothes for her newly arrived twins. This is no way to treat the woman who helped you stash your piece from the cops. [Media Outrage]

Bidding War: Our guess; this is as close as you'll get to getting under Kiera Knightly's skirt. [Clothes Off Our Back]

Hush Puppies: Now that German police dogs have shoes, it will harder than ever to convince them that they're not people. [AP]

Hold Your Breath: That Hedi Slimane/LVMH joint venture is looking more and more like a reality - knock on wood. [Thread Trend]