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Icon: Dennis Hopper

Icon: Dennis Hopper

Hey, remember when we called a moratorium on Steve McQueen? Here’s why: guys like Dennis Hopper deserve just as much cred—if not more. American badass: check. Motorcycle junkie: check. Looked great in denim: check. Hopper was one of Hollywood’s last wild men, had a prolific career on both sides of the lens, was an indie darling before that was even a thing and managed to do it all with a personal style that’s as iconic as any role he’s ever played.

Here’s what we mean.

25 Style Lessons from Seinfeld, 25 Years Later


It’s been 25 years since the very first episode of Seinfeld aired, and 16 since its grand finale, yet it’s still as relevant as ever.

In fact, you could even say the show is suddenly experiencing style renaissance—look no further than the stonewashed rallying cries of #normcore. But it wasn’t all just white sneakers and dad jeans. The show was woven with a rich tapestry of personal styles, from George Costanza to J. Peterman himself, and we’ve tracked down the clips of some of our favorite sartorial moments to see if we’ve learned anything from a show about nothing.

And now: 25 style lessons from Seinfeld, 25 years later...»