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Jacket Companies Making Things Besides Jackets

  • Najib Benouar


We’ve been noticing a startling new trend in menswear: jacket companies are diversifying their portfolios.

First we heard that venerable coaterie Barbour was getting into the watch game. Then there was something about Patagonia selling food. And with a bit more digging, we found even more options to buy non-outerwear gear from your favorite jacket makers.

Let’s take a look at the new ventures from these enterprising labels.»

Capsule New York, by the Numbers

Every year around this time, the pantheon of fine menswear purveyors sets up shop in a warehouse deep in the hinterlands of Manhattan. And every year around this time, we trek downtown to check it out. Since most brands show clothes that won’t be available for about six months—and because the show is enormous—we decided the best thing to do was break it down, using our patented scientific formula.

Ergo, Capsule New York 2013, by the numbers:»

The Stat Sheet: Stutterheim Arholma Raincoat

  • Najib Benouar

For whatever reason (let’s just blame it on Al Gore), the Eastern Seaboard is being pelted with rain instead of the expected sprinkling of snowflakes.

So instead of our new fur-trimmed boiled wool overcoat, we’ve been reaching for a weatherproof raincoat—like this oilcloth raincoat from the Swedes at Stutterheim. Their motto—“Swedish melancholy at its driest”—tells you just about everything you need to know. Here’s the rest:

The Story: Ever since the founder of Stutterheim discovered his grandfather’s fishing coat in an old barn in Sweden, he’s been determined to recreate the old-school ruggedness of the jacket, with a modern cut (so it fit better than the tent-like raincoat he started with). This pine-green number is the newest jacket in the line.

Who to Channel: A craggy Nordic fisherman; Paul Belmondo hopping a private flight with Catherine Deneuve on a misty day.

When to Wear It: Anytime the heavy stuff starts pouring down—the seams are double-taped to prevent any dampness from seeping through.

Think of This As: Your low-tech beats high-tech solution to your wintry-mix quandaries.

Some inspiration from Mr. Belmondo, after the jump.»