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Friday Night Fever

  • Najib Benouar


It’s film festival season in Tribeca, and premiering today is this year’s rock-star-designer-bio-doc, Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston, which reminded us of the dapper poster boy for a lost era of glamorous decadence when activities currently regarded as “vices” used to be known as “hobbies.” You know, holding court nightly at Studio 54, mastering the art of juggling a rocks glass and cigarette with one hand, always travelling with a bevy of beauties (whether he had any personal use for them or not). The stuff today’s rock-star-anything is usually too health-conscious to dare. We can't help but admire the man's gusto.



Apparently our very own Patrick McMullan is putting his photography to a few new uses.

This shower curtain, courtesy of Izola Shower, gets its image from an iconic 70s McMullan snap at Studio 54, where the famous lensman cut his teeth. Your shower may be a somewhat less exciting spot than the notorious club, but we’re always happy to see a good photo in the morning, especially if it’s got some leg.