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Trickle Down


Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club label is usually too firmly on the streetwear side of things to catch our eye, but this striped shirt caught our eye as a potential crossover piece.

It looks like something we’d pick up at A.P.C.…so much so that we scoured their back catalog looking for this exact item. But the issue isn’t sartorial plagiarism so much as a healthy exchange of ideas. This item made its way from pasty Parisians to hip-hop futurists in just a few seasons.

Does that mean streetwear is going French?

The Lizard King


Even though you’ll almost never see them on shelves, Japanese lines are worth a look or two for the ways they comment on stateside style—both on purpose and by accident.

This S/S 09 line from Japan’s Lounge Lizard is the perfect example. They give the usual khaki and denim a pleasantly washed out flavor, along with a few salmon-colored jackets just faded enough to work. Throw in a Browne-ish striped suit, and you’ve got yourself a collection that's foreign enough to .

And while they might be inappropriately indulging in the deep V-neck…we’ll forgive them just this once.

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Renaissance Fair


There’s still nothing like Italian cobbling.

This particular pair skips the businessman look and goes straight for the renaissance, with a seersucker stripe and yellow lining that’s centuries old in its style. We’re not sure how you’d pair them with more modern trappings…but we’re sure we’ll think of something.

Master Class


Every once in a while, we run across an item that’s impressive simply by virtue of being so difficult to wear.

For instance, how does one approach this Band of Outsiders button-up?

Is it too busy to be paired with jeans and left untucked? Maybe under a gray blazer that’s rumpled enough to seem casual? It’s going to take a lot of careful consideration before pulling this one off.

But we’ve never run from a challenge before...