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Worldly Gents, Denim Debates and Dressing Like David Bowie

  • Kempt Staff

Tommy Ton

World Class: Four Pins sits down with the reigning champion of #menswear street photography, Tommy Ton, to count down the most stylish men of the world.

Jeaneology: Vice recounts the evolution of the now-ever-present pair of jeans.

Bowie to Bowie: Cribbing some style cues from David Bowie, courtesy of Cool Material.

Shine Bright: Making the case for the questionably expensive shoe-shine kit.

Bérénice Marlohe: Jacket Required

  • Kempt Staff

Robevia GQ UK

Bespoke Flapping: Trying to understand a curious vestige of Italian tailoring known as “the pettegola shirt.” [Permenent Style]

Eyesight: GQ hips us to a cool new menswear commerce site now in beta. [GQ]

Northern Exposure: The Times reports on North Korean street style as a bona fide thing. (We won’t believe them till they send over Bill Cunningham.) [NYT]

Husky Fit: Archival Clothing awards the University of Washington with the “best documented, most stylish and frolicsome campus day” and has the pictures to prove it. [Archival Clothing]

Scenes from the Armory Show

The Armory Show started up this week, with hundreds of galleries piling into two piers on Manhattan’s western edge. It’s the closest you’ll find to a pop-up MoMA—and more importantly, it has nearly every variety of gentlemanly style you could want, from British Museum trads and disheveled artists to the Harajuku avant-garde. (Also, every conceivable hairstyle.) We stopped by yesterday with camera in hand to document the splendor. Check it out below.

The scene at the Armory Show, as seen by Kempt»

The Street Stylers Have Become the Street Styled

If you’ve stopped by Lincoln Center in the past few days, you probably noticed the cloud of eager street style photographers, buzzing around the plaza and photographing each other like a #menswear Tumblr feed made manifest. (Count the cameras in the pic above and you’ll see what we mean.) It pops up every time there are enough fashion editors in one place, and never fails to amuse us. So we took it upon ourselves to document this phenomenon in case any other mini-Sartorialists want to join in and need some tips on dressing the part. We figure we got about half of them...

See the street style photographers of Lincoln Center»

The Women of Paris


As we’ve noted in the past, we’ve got a soft spot for the French part of the world. So in honor of Bastille Day, we thought we’d remind you of exactly why.

In a word (or two): French women.

And to illustrate the ineffable je ne sais quoi that makes the women of France so entrancing, we’ve rounded up some of the most entrancing Parisian street-style shots the internet has to offer, to be perused while listening to The Marseillaise.

Ladies, take it away…»

The In-House Sartorialist


Street style blogs have been thick on the ground in the past few years, so it was only a matter of time before retailers got in on the game. Case in point: Uniqlo just launched their own mini-Sartorialist, called Uniqlooks. The subjects are a bit scrappier, but the sun-dappled lensing and Parisian and Manhattan street settings are unmistakably Schuman-esque.

The outfits aren’t quite as high-fashion as the Sartorialist, but the best ones have a certain international bohemianism to them. (Also, pretty French girls.)

There’s only one problem: Uniqlo’s bread-and-butter is cheap staples—your oxford shirt, your gray v-neck, your other pair of jeans, etc.—so they tend to be responsible for the less eye-catching items in the pics. But if that means reminding people how good their pants look under a budget-busting McNairy shirt, it might not be such a bad thing.

The Safety Blanket


We’ve been poring through Gordon von Steiner’s Japanese street style shots all morning, and we’re very impressed—both with GQ and with Japan as a country. There’s plenty of Navajo print and camo on display, but we were more taken by the shift to bigger scarves and smaller jackets seen here. The gent on the right is basically wearing a blanket over his shoulders to casually transform his leather jacket into a winter coat. You’ll need an extra peg on your coat rack—but otherwise, all it takes is a mild winter day, a few yards of flannel and some courage.