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Men in Hats

Men in Hats

These two Street Peeper snaps reminded us of just how useful a hat can be once the sun gets serious. Neither of these are exactly beach hats, but they manage to keep the gentlemen out of the sun and add a bit of off-beat style along the way. The cardinal rule: in the name of functionality, steer clear of the stingy-brimmed Bruno Mars vibe. A healthy overhang is the whole point.

And be ready to doff it once you get inside.

Pants on the Ground

streetpeeper (1).jpg

We usually give high-fashion trends a pretty wide berth, but this snap was too perfect to let slide.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is why you shouldn't wear low-slung pants.

On some level, he's doing everything right—he's got his argyle, his plaid, and a remarkably handsome pair of shoes. But he still looks like two small children decided to stand on each other's shoulders to masquerade as a Japanese hipster.

You've been warned.

Kempt Man of the Hour: Sergei

Fashion rulebooks tend to have a small section on the three color rule—the idea that a gentleman shouldn’t have more than three shades on your person at any one time. That’s fine if you’re working at a bank or a mortuary, but otherwise, we’d direct your attention to this gentleman, who’s wearing no less than five colors and pulling them off better than anyone we’ve seen all week.

It helps that the jacket is the kind of soft-shouldered, high-wristed item Engineered Garments has been chasing for the past few years. It’s still an eyeful, but the colors are all sharp and bright enough that it never looks anything other than exuberant. It’s a young look, make no mistake—but we’d guess he’s young at heart.

Well Red


Nantucket reds have a pretty solid rep as the preppy pant of summer, but they’ve made things easier for less pinkish hues to get in the door as well.

Take this gentleman, caught by Street Peeper on the streets of Oslo. The blue-on-cream getup is straight out of the GQ playbook, but our interest is in those pants. The orange-red trousers sub for the bottom half of a khaki suit just about perfectly, but it has to be seen to be believed. This time of year, they’re a whole lot more versatile than you’d think.

The Continental Look


We weren’t quite sold on the Swedish label POUR, but it’s hard to be sure until you see their goods in the wild.

This gentleman, for instance, pulls off the monochromatic look just about perfectly, and POUR’s big-cuffed button-up is the best part of the look by far. The sunglasses don’t hurt, of course, but the best part is that, he was snapped on the street in Melbourne, which is about as far from Stockholm as you can get.

Maybe we just needed to see how the shirt looked in sunnier climes.

Behind Bars

This gentleman brings us a very simple lesson: it’s all in the details. His shirt and shoes are both Levi’s (at least according to Street Peeper), but the vintage jacket and more importantly the leather boots give him enough cred to pull it off.

In fact, the drab background just makes the look seem that much more effortless. And, naturally, the shades don’t hurt.

In the Capsule, Part Two


We stopped by the semi-annual floor show that is the (capsule) show yesterday, and while we aren’t quite ready to spill the goods on everything we saw, we thought we’d start off with a roundup of some of the best-dressed gentlemen on hand.

Naturally, there was a lot to choose from, but one of our favorites was this gentleman repping Yuketen boots. The bowtie is crisp, the round glasses are on-trend and the boots are impeccable, as expected, but the real genius here is the perfectly tanned leather apron. It’s a legit workwear item, even if it’s a little too extreme for mainstream consumption. (We predict an apron trendlet in fall of ’09, based entirely on this picture.)

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