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Femi Benussi is Applying Makeup in a Broom Closet

Femi Benussivia WBE

A Visit to the Scrapyard: The Street Etiquette chaps indulge in some workwear with some exceedingly rugged props. [Street Etiquette]

The Razziewatch: Is Clint Eastwood due for a Razzie? Judging by the J. Edgar buzz, we’d say this could be his year. [Grantland]

The Other Kaufman’s: A tour of one of New York’s most dedicated Army-Navy outlets. [NYTimes]

Tebow vs. the World: A thoughtful, well-reasoned case for making fun of Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. [Deadspin]

Cris Herrman is Pioneering Topless Yoga

Etiquette Class: The Times shows a little love to the Street Etiquette chaps, limiting themselves to one superfluous Fonzworth Bentley reference. [NYTimes]

The Gullwing Door: Michael Williams takes a spin or two in the new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG on a rain-slicked test course outside Stuttgart. [Driven]

A Little Paint is a Dangerous Thing: Andy Warhol does strange, unnatural things to a BMW M1. [Secret Forts]

Shining Bright: Perhaps today is the day you buy a 1963 Airstream trailer for $58,000. You never know. [Gear Patrol]

Elsa Hosk is Sun-Dappled

elsahosk_crop.jpgvia WBE

Two Gentlemen in Vegas: The Street Etiquette chaps check in from Las Vegas, dapper as usual. [Street Etiquette]

A Life in Porn: The rise and fall of a pioneer of online pornography. [Details]

The Origin of the Ironic Tee: In advance of the Oscars, Joel Keller sits down with the brilliant mind behind every word on the teleprompter: Mr. Bruce Vilanch. Shine on, you crazy diamond. [A.V. Club]

Time to Make the Donuts: Red Wing makes its own factory tour, complete with plucky locals and a leather stitching. [Red Wing Shoes]

Carlos Nunez is Living the Dream

Dr. Yes: Scientists have located the perfect suit. As you might expect, it is worn by Sean Connery in Dr. No. [Clothes on Film]

The Thinking Man’s Swimsuit Edition: Abe Sauer praises the women of the Title IX catalog. [The Hairpin]

Please Please Please Stop Talking: A lesson on the benefit of saying less, courtesy of a sore throat. [The 99%]

The Sounds of Well-Dressed America: Billy Reid and Josh from Street Etiquette stop by NPR for a winter style guide. [Put This On]

Johanna Stickland has no Use for Civilization

The Preppy Return: The Street Etiquette reveals the full slideshow behind our favorite editorial of the year. [Street Etiquette]

Layer After Layer: A gentleman’s guide to layering, explained through eight pictures and nothing else. [You Have Broken the Internet]

Zoom, Zoom: BMW gets into the Vespa game. We might need one of these, for journalistic purposes. [Inhabitat]

The Rich Are Different From You and I: It’s ok to still like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs after they’re rich and famous. [The Awl]

The True Meaning of Prep


For all the queasiness surrounding the idea of preppiness, it’s nice to know there are still a few gentlemen of style who can knock it out of the park. In this case, it’s Street Etiquette, reimagining the Ivy League’s past as a post-racial paradise of toggled sweaters and tweed. It’s befuddling to some—just look at the comments section—but for our money it’s the most important preppy document we’ve seen all year. Here’s why…

Fair warning: this might get deep»