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The Immodest Gentleman’s Guide to Streaking


Streakers. They’re brash, vulgar and unabashedly vain, but admit it: you just can’t help but admire their... courage.

As gentlemen of decorum, we would never officially condone such a clothesless act, but perhaps there’ll come a time when, despite your better judgment, you decide that you want to join their ranks. And while it might seem like the sort of thing to do on a total whim, you’d be ill-advised to just drop your skivvies, give the crowd a wave and hope for the best. Take it from a learned pro: a decent amount of planning must be done in advance in order to ensure true bare-assed success. And even though we’re not encouraging such behavior, we just could never forgive ourselves if you got yourself caught with your pants down.

So without any further ado, let us present to you: the Immodest Gentleman’s Guide to Streaking.»