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In the Garage


We love a good straight razor, and we’ve gushed before (verbally!) about the various perks of shaving with a real blade. But finding the right blade matters, and real artisans are hard to come by.

This item was put together by one Frank Warner, a family knifemaker with a garage-based razor factory on California’s central coast. He’s not the most auspicious source, but he’s handy with a grinding wheel, and he’s spent 40 years developing a perfect understanding of balance and tempering.

And if you ask nicely, you’ll get a one-of-a-kind production.

Play it Straight


It’s not for everyone, but as daily tests of courage go, the straight razor is still the gold standard.

Aside from being handy in a knife fight, it will give you a closer shave than you’ve ever had outside of a barber’s chair, along with the satisfying plink of each hair coming loose. Pair it with a badger-hair brush and a mortar for foam, and you’ll have as good a shaving setup as money can buy.

The usual objection is that the average post-shower shaver isn’t awake enough to handle that level of danger, but we’ve always found the opposite. A few rounds with a straight razor wakes us up a lot better than coffee.

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