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Stylish St. Paddy’s Day Green, Choosing the Best Dry Cleaner and Popping Collars

  • Kempt Staff

Wearing green

Green Is Good: The gents at Esky have your sartorial guide on how to incorporate green into your St. Paddy’s Day wardrobe with aplomb.

Clean Slate: Everything you need to know about dry cleaners and picking the best one nearest you, courtesy of Put This On.

What’s Popping: The Wall Street Journal proclaims the return of the popped collar. Proceed with caution.

Mr. Parker: Port interviews the head tailor at Henry Poole & Co, the storied Savile Row tailoring house that invented the tuxedo jacket and put Winston Churchill in chalk stripes.

Craig Sager Talks Menswear, Roger Rabbit Revelations and Irish Whiskeys

  • Kempt Staff

Red Bull

Sager Wisdom: Made Man catches up with the NBA’s famously flamboyant sideline reporter Craig Sager to talk style, double-breasted silk Versace and where he draws the line (surprisingly, he has one, and it’s bow ties).

Mohawk Down: Visit LA’s well-appointed men’s shop Mohawk General Store, through the lens of Jake Davis.

Lazarus Heart: On the 25th anniversary of the release of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, BuzzFeed tracks down 20 enlightening factoids about the movie.

Dark Horse: In the event you’ll be tipping back some Irish whiskey on St. Patrick’s Day, Details has rounded up your 10 most suitable options.

The Icon: Daniel Day-Lewis

St. Patrick’s Day is just two days away, so we thought we’d dedicate this week’s icon to one of the most stylish Irishmen currently on the scene. We’re thinking of Daniel Day-Lewis, he of the piercing blue eyes and the method intensity. And as a man of refinement, he also happens to know his way around a tailor’s office.

Our five favorite Daniel Day-Lewis pics, after the jump»

Alejandra Alonso Has Controversial Views About Layering

Alejandra Alonsovia WBE

Jesse Thorn Returns: The much-loved Web series unveils its second season, including segments on packing, Jazz style and Polo’s cult following. [Put This On]

Raise the Canvas: Every summer sneaker you need, nicely compiled by the folks at Valet. [Valet]

A Rope of Your Own: A low-tech guide to making your own rope bracelets. It’s not pretty, but it gets the job done. [The Midwestyle]

Going Green: And just because you can, here’s how to make a Shamrock Shake at home. Use your new powers wisely. [Re]

Rosario, St. Patrick’s Day, and the Army


Oh, Rose: Rosario Dawson continues to be one of our favorite things about New York. [T Magazine]

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Our nation’s finest monthly prepares you with a set of St. Patrick’s Day cocktails. [Esquire]

The Good Old Days: ACL unearths a treasure trove of WWII-era military vintage. [A Continuous Lean]

Get the Led Out: The zeppelin threat is real. [Boing Boing]