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The Latest International Men’s Shop Openings

  • Kempt Staff


With the news that Red Wing just opened up their first brick-and-mortar shop in the UK today, we thought it prudent to survey the international menswear scene once again.

Since we last checked in, a whole new batch of men’s shops have opened up across the world—from Paris to Shanghai—and we’ve gone ahead and rounded them up for our latest update to your already dapper international rolodex of men’s shops.

Herewith, your guide to the newest men’s shop openings across the globe.»

Six Things You Need from Ball and Buck

  • Caitlin Ganswindt

Ball and Buck

Today we bring you a treasure trove of leather, shirting and sundries (gracious wink and finger-gun-trigger-pull to our friends over at UrbanDaddy National).

Yes, the gents from Boston’s Ball and Buck have launched a new website and online shop, stocked with exclusive collaborations from the likes of Rancourt & Co., Tellason and Allen Edmonds, along with their own house label.

It’s basically what would happen if a fox hunter teamed up with a tannery run by a barber with an affinity for well-tailored menswear. It’s all glorious, and it’s all made in the USA.

Here are the six things your arsenal requires.»

Supply & Advise Pops Up in Miami

  • Najib Benouar

Supply header 0709

Perhaps this is just a coincidence, but ever since we visited Miami during our Style Shifters campaign, it’s become quite the hotbed of menswear activity.

But we can’t take all the credit, because it’s really shops like this new pop-up in Wynwood, Supply & Advise, that are bearing the torch for the non–Don Johnson end of the Miami style spectrum. A tip of the hat to our friends at UrbanDaddy Miami, who got the scoop on the latest bastion of new-age Americana that stocks the likes of Gitman Vintage shirts sitting beside Filson bags and Randolph Engineering aviators (all on top of an Army-issue mule vehicle, front and center). It’s handsome stuff, and we’d be remiss not to alert you to it, should you be taking your talents to South Beach anytime soon.

And if not, don’t worry, we got a peek inside and it’s equally as good-looking as it sounds.»

Unionmade and Makr Team Up

  • Najib Benouar


Menswear favorite Unionmade has just opened up a shop-in-shop with the leather experts at Makr—who’ve gone from making the blogger-bait of slim wallets to building a small empire of neo-rustic home goods.

And unlike most shop-in-shop situations, you don’t actually have to make it to SF’s Mission District to get your hands on this stuff. Because it’s all online for the taking. Makr’s got their signature leather-y and canvas-y handsomeness on display, but the real standouts are the items they’ve coated in a powder green that’s unique to the capsule collection.

Take a closer look at our favorites, after the jump.»

Take a Look into the New Carson Street Clothiers

  • Najib Benouar

Carson Street Clothiers

Our comrades-in-style over at UrbanDaddy NYC got a sneak peek at the hotly anticipated men’s shop, Carson Street Clothiers, that’s opening in SoHo this week.

The brick-and-mortar—not to mention, a lot of handsome hardwood—shop is a veritable menswear bazaar of grail pieces you thought only existed on achingly beautiful Tumblr pages or in some secret back alley in Naples. (Not to fear, there’s an e-commerce arm in the works.) It’s the brainchild of Brian Trunzo (of Nice Try, Bro menswear Internet fame) and fellow former attorney Matt Breen, who’ve been cultivating their shared passion for menswear since their days as law school roommates. And the Internet buzz did not disappoint: there’s custom Southwick and Alfonso Felipe suiting, all the Bastian/Ovadia/Italian silk one closet could handle, vintage watches, luggage, the list goes on. It all makes for one well-heeled feast for the eyes, so without further ado:

Take a look into the New Carson Street Clothiers.»

Golf and Americana, Together at Last

  • Najib Benouar

Our love for Americana is well documented, and we’ve already gushed about the incomparable charms of fall golf...

So naturally, we were pleased to learn of a Dallas-based shop combining the two, by the name of Pebble + Pine. It’s one of those ideas that feels novel, but at the same time surprising that it hadn’t been thought of before (the brick-and-mortar shop has been peddling American-made golf paraphernalia to Dallas locals for a few weeks now, but they’ve just launched e-commerce this week).

Think of it as the latest addition to the spate of heritage all-American menswear shops we’ve been seeing, like Chicago’s Haberdash or a permanent version of New York’s Pop Up Flea—but with golf balls. Here, the fleece vests are from Woolrich, the books were written by Ben Hogan and you can even pick up an exclusive cologne scented like moonshine—should your regular 19th hole not provide you with enough.

The heritage ping-pong emporium cannot be far behind.

More photos of Pebble + Pine’s Dallas shop, after the jump.»

Your Maine Line to Rugged Nautical-ness

  • Najib Benouar

The more nautical-leaning Americana-philes have been mining the aesthetic of Maine’s craggy coastline for years, so it’s nice to see a shop actually located in Portland, ME, get in on the action. And now they’ve made their way online.

Our friends over at UrbanDaddy tipped us off to the online launch of Seawall—they opened up shop on Wharf Street this past spring and have gotten to work designing a line of made-in-Maine shirting and teaming up with some local brands like Black Point Mercantile, who handmake tough-as-nails totes in Scarborough, ME. They’ve also got some uniquely Maine products like hand-carved trinkets and blueberry medicinal syrup—which may or may not cause hallucinations of being out to sea on a lobster trawler.

Use as directed.

Introducing the Ass-Cam


It’s a hard truth of shopping: no matter how many mirrors you use or how much you twist, it’s hard to get an accurate appraisal of your own backside in a fitting room. And since that’s basically what we want from a pair of jeans, it’s a pretty big problem.

Fortunately, we’ve got technology on our side.

LA’s American Rag just unveiled an earth-shaking breakthrough in fitting room technology at their World Denim Bar. It’s called the asscam—a closed-circuit (closed!) camera providing you with a live feed of your own posterior. It’s currently up in two of their fitting rooms. It’s just one shop in the country, of course, but we can’t help thinking this is an idea with legs.

Of course, there may be some things you’d rather not see.

Shout Bamalama


We've long been fans of Billy Reid's finely tailored Southern menswear, so naturally we leapt at the chance to visit the designer's new store and headquarters in Florence, Alabama. (He was relocating from Dallas.) As you might expect, the shop—just down the street from both a charming diner called Trowbridge's and a more mysterious outfit called Guns-N-Such—boasts a cozy, relaxed atmosphere with plenty of exposed brick, finely detailed wood shelving, and, of course, a well stocked selection of shirts, trousers, shoes, and suiting. They were working on the shop right up until the opening—happily, you'd never know.

Take a look around»

Artist in Residence


Our friends at UrbanDaddy just tipped us off to the latest J. Crew store opening in New York. It’s a lot like their Tribeca outpost, the Liquor Store, but they’ve got a few new tricks up their sleeve too.

For one, they’ve tempted Richard Haines, one of our favorite sketch-bloggers, to make an appearance at the store from noon to 2pm and 4pm to 6pm this Tuesday and Saturday. He'll be making and handing out original sketches of whoever happens by, on whatever paper’s handy.

It’s not a bad idea: A good artist can be more trustworthy than a mirror if you’re trying to figure out whether that blazer’s a good fit.