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The Holiday Party Home Run

Stockholm’s Rose & Born just posted this bow tie/plaid pairing that just about sums up holiday style. You’ve got loud patterns, offbeat styles and the kind of eye-popping fearlessness that plays a lot better around the winter solstice. Our only complaint is that they could do a better job of hiding that top button—but let’s not ruin the season by nitpicking.

Marie Liljedahl has Just Seen a Bedbug

marieliljedahl_crop.jpgvia WBE

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Staying the Night


At the high end, hotel swag can include anything from a dash of cologne to a full tweezer set, but one Swedish hotel is venturing a little further. Check into the Berns Hotel in Stockholm and you’ll get this impeccably packaged 3-pack of condoms, known to the manufacturers as “a pack of love.” It’s a good idea, considering what goes on in most Swedish hotel rooms, but turn the box over, and you’ll find a more sentimental inscription: “It’s about love.” Well, not necessarily…

The Continental Look


We weren’t quite sold on the Swedish label POUR, but it’s hard to be sure until you see their goods in the wild.

This gentleman, for instance, pulls off the monochromatic look just about perfectly, and POUR’s big-cuffed button-up is the best part of the look by far. The sunglasses don’t hurt, of course, but the best part is that, he was snapped on the street in Melbourne, which is about as far from Stockholm as you can get.

Maybe we just needed to see how the shirt looked in sunnier climes.

Skin and Bones


We’ve always been on the side of precise tailoring, but it takes all kinds, and there are always a few new fits to try out.

Acne has been pushing clean, unbroken drapes as much as anyone outside of Japan, and we’re starting to come around. The typical dig is that they make you look like a clothes hanger—skin and bones, as our mother would say—but if the colors are right, you could do a lot worse. In this case, the colors are deep maroons and somber grays, which is about right.

And if you’ve ever passed through Stockholm, you’ll know why.

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