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Guinevere van Seenus Just Really Loves Cool Whip

Yeezy Strikes Back: XXL’s new Kanye cover story is basically unedited excerpts from his diary. He’s officially broken the fourth wall of journalism. Awesome stuff. [XXL]

Shouldering Responsibility: A guide to the many varieties of shoulder on tailored suits. Advanced studies. [Men’s Flair]

Still the Man: Steve Albini on GQ: “I would like the fashion industry to collapse…. At least pornography has a function.” Running with this one took gumption. Our hats are off. [The Q]

The Internet Must Pay: Just because it’s Wednesday, here’s your chance to turn a helpless website into an Asteroids-style demolition derby, thanks to a clever new browser toy. Just leave us out of it, please. [Wired]