The Craftsman: Interview with href="">Gilded
Age designer Stefan Mijanic. [ href="">The
Discerning Brute]

Go West Young Man: Steven Alan lands in the City of
Angels. [Refinery29]

News To You: Seems someone won that “Project Runway”
show last night. Yeah, we don’t care either.

Handy Man: A little more work around the house might
get you a little more play around the bed. [ href="">AP]

Smooth Ride: Hermès unveils a signature edition of
the already posh Bugatti Veyron. href="">This will go great
with our helicopter. [ href="">Men.Style]

Wedding Bells for Everyone: href="">Nicolas Sarkozy married
Carla Bruni. Now his ex, Cecilia, will marry her new paramour.
Don’t you just love happy endings? [ href="">Reuters]

Exchange Rate: The falling dollar is doing no favors
for your closet. [ href="">Houston Chronicle]

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