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The Hard-Shell Ghurka


There are a lot of steamer trunks out there, but if you’re going post-colonial, you can’t do better than the Ghurka bag. (Sorry, Wes.)

We don’t mean the softer bags they’re selling nowadays—although they aren’t bad for starters. We mean the hard-shell cases that used to be cobbled together by a grizzled Italian craftsman…that is, until he died and turned the whole line into collector’s items. These days, a complete set will cost you a couple month's salary, but it’s worth it for the old world touches you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

From the perfectly tanned leather to the impeccable stitching and metalwork, this is the genuine article so many other hard shell cases are imitating. It'll take some legwork to find your own set, but it should be more than worth it.

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