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The Mustache-Friendliness Index

Ladies and gentlemen, Chicago is officially the most mustache-friendly place in America.

According to a gleefully fraudulent white paper from The American Mustache Institute, the Windy City took the lead thanks to local mustached celebrities and an abundance of mustache-friendly jobs, “such as law enforcement, construction and relief pitching.”

We’d make a joke here, but it’s hard to top the ones they came up with themselves. Runners-up include Houston (assisted by “nearby rodeo schooling”), Pittsburgh (“a historically mustached city”) and Oklahoma City (for “serving as the off-season home to many employees of the adult entertainment industry”).

A goatee census cannot be far behind.

You Can Count on Me


Powerpoint is responsible for a lot of bureaucratic frustration, but the times it’s actually improved someone’s life can probably be counted on one hand. This would be one of those times.

Apparently Alexandra Carmichael has been tracking her personal patterns—including exercise, weight, pharmaceutical intake and sex—for four months in the interest of getting a handle on a few medical issues and learning more about herself. So far it’s all common sense stuff like eating more during bad moods and feeling better after Tai Chi workshops, but the possibilities are endless.

Our personal recommendation: tie in your wardrobe. A few years down the line, you may finally discover how you really feel about cardigans.