apparel_crop.jpgAmerican Apparel

She Was a Young American: Come for the impassioned
defense of American Apparel mastermind Dov Charney. Stay for the
sexpolitative photography. [ href="">Radar]

Fancy a Game of Footy?: Solid unisex, yes unisex,
kicks from Jonathan Saunders and Goa. [ href="">JC

Francophila: French women – now more sexual than
ever. C’est Magnifique! [ href=",8599,1720316,00.html?xid=rss-topstories">Time]

Changing Seasons: In Spring, a young man’s fancy
lightly turns to thoughts of seersucker. [ href="">A
Suitable Wardrobe]

Our Girl Friday: It’s been a long workweek. Don’t you
think you deserve two minutes of Rachel Bilson being impossibly cute?

Sex Change: The TMagazine site has switched
over from women’s fashions and a shot of Natalie Portman to a George
Clooney pic and menswear stores, which is pretty much an even trade.
[The Moment]

Unintelligent Design: A sartorial history of the
cinematic caveman. [ href="">The Globe and Mail]

Caught Red Handed: href="">Pikey
Colin Farrell tried to steal someone else’s model girlfriend because,
hey, why not? [ href="">NYPost]

Courtly Love: Our favorite low-tops ever go back to
their roots. [ href="">Hypebeast]

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