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The Longest Winning Streak in College Sports Has Ended

Yale Squash

The Yale men’s squash team defeated Trinity College Wednesday night, ending Trinity’s streak of 262 consecutive victories, the longest in intercollegiate sports history.

Behind every extraordinary college winning streak is an extraordinary college coach: John Wooden led the UCLA men’s basketball team to 88 straight victories over 12 years and was named Coach of the Year six times. Penn State’s women’s volleyball coach Russ Rose won 109 games in a row thanks to what The New York Times described as “an office of shelves, lined with binders, filled with decades of handwritten scribbles and diarylike entries” detailing every play of every game he ever coached.

This particular story happens to involve two extraordinary coaches: Trinity’s Paul Assaiante and Yale’s Dave Talbott, both legends in a relatively unknown sport who have spent a combined 40 years coaching their respective teams.

Wednesday night, they made history...»

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