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Acre: Your Cycling Gear Just Got Even Handsomer

  • Najib Benouar


Consider this a late-breaking addition to your handsome outdoor adventure essentials for the season...

Because a new batch of rugged, tailored tech sportswear has just landed on the scene in the form of Acre, from San Francisco’s urban-cycling-centric Mission Workshop.

They spent this past summer thoroughly putting the gear through its paces on the trails of the French Alps—which made for some spectacular sportswear and photo ops—so you can rest assured that their fully seamed waterproof cycling jacket and merino wool henley tee are more than up to the task for any high-impact leaf peeping you might be planning on. Or just a particularly misty fall weekend peddling around town. And if either item were to find its way into your morning commute, we wouldn’t be surprised.

Here’s a good look at the gear in action, after the jump...»

What Your Eye Black Says About You

  • Kempt Staff

Eye Black

Legend has it that during a particularly sunny afternoon game in 1930, Babe Ruth decided he’d try to cut down the glare in his eyes by smearing some grease under them.

Whether or not it worked (studies to this day have found mixed results) doesn’t matter. Because since then, the practice has taken on a life of its own—sometimes resembling war paint, or inscribed with a message, or in one case resembling a handlebar mustache. So, with baseball season in full swing, we thought we’d take a closer look at the modern-day interpretations of eye black to figure out what it all means. Budding MLB stars out there might want to pull out a pen and pad to take notes...

Herewith, a handy guide on the message your eye black is sending to the world.»

Wimbledon Whites: A Retrospective

  • Najib Benouar


There’s a special place in our hearts for when sartorial tradition finds its way into sport.

And with Wimbledon kicking off today, we have to mention our favorite: Wimbledon’s requirement to wear white. (A close second: the Masters’ green jacket.)

The rule has been in effect for as long as anyone can remember, but it was codified in the ’60s with a few extra guidelines requiring “almost entirely white” with exceptions for “a preference to pastel” and other minute deviations. For the most part, players are following the guidelines to this day—it’s up to the match referee to make the final call on decorum. And it’s made for quite the handsome array of on-court style over the years.

So we’d like to take a moment to look back at the finest moments in Wimbledon whites.»

Seven Deep Thoughts on the Headband

  • Najib Benouar


If you haven’t been following the NBA Finals, well, that’s a shame. But you’re in luck because you haven’t missed the grand finale—tonight is Game 7.

And to get you up to speed, here’s what you need to know:

A) You’ve been missing out on arguably the most exciting series since the Jordan era.

B) Of all the storylines that have emerged, the most captivating one happened late in Game 6: LeBron James lost his signature headband during play, and in a reverse-Samson-effect, he seemed to gain power from shedding the headwear, willing his team to a spectacular overtime victory.

C) Which brings us to:

Seven deep thoughts on the headband...»

Epaulet’s New Made-to-Measure Shirts, Sporting Fashion and the Most Stylish TV Characters

  • Kempt Staff


Hair Force One: Gilt Manual has some ideas for your next visit to the barbershop, now that you’re ready for an old-school cut.

Good Shirt: Oxford cloth shirt aficionado Wax Wane has the lowdown on Brooklyn shop Epaulet’s new made-to-measure shirt operation.

Fast Fashion: T Magazine explores the recent uptick in the intersection between sports gear and menswear.

On a Role: Vanity Fair counts down the 10 most fashionable characters on television right now.

The Final: History’s Most Stylish College Basketball Coaches

  • Najib Benouar

March Madness

And now, the thrilling conclusion to our March Madness bracket. (Which began here with the Sweet 16.)

(1) John Wooden’s Glasses vs. (3) Roy Williams’s Carolina Blue: It’s come down to this. Pete Carril, our Ivy League Cinderella, had an epic Final Four–achieving run, but his professorial dishevelment ultimately came up short against John Wooden’s prolific eyewear. Bob Knight’s red sweaters were running on fumes after the dogfight against Carnesecca’s Cosby sweaters in the Elite Eight, so Roy Williams’s pinstripes basically cruised into the finals. And now only one thing stands between our two title contenders: which one can cut down the net most stylishly. [Cue the confetti and streamers.]

And your champion is...»

Final Four: History’s Most Stylish College Basketball Coaches

  • Najib Benouar

March Madness

We’ve been counting down to tomorrow’s official start of the Big Dance with our own March Madness bracket, wherein we’ve pitted the most iconic college basketball coaches against one another—in terms of their signature style items—in an attempt to finally nail down who’s the most stylish of them all.

And here we are. The Final Four.

This is when champions show their true grit. If you’re planning on watching any of the action this weekend, you’re going to hear one word thrown around a lot: résumé. It’s become the catch-all term for reviewing a team’s performance over the season, and it seems like the right term to use when reviewing the overall style career of these coaches. So now that we’ve made it to the semifinals, we’re going to scrutinize each coach’s personal style résumé even further.

Let’s get on with it, shall we. To the Final Four.»

Elite Eight: History’s Most Stylish College Basketball Coaches

  • Najib Benouar

Stylish College Basketball Coaches

Welcome back to Kempt’s March Madness bracket, wherein we pit the most iconic college basketball coaches against one another in an attempt to finally nail down who’s the most stylish of them all.

Yesterday we kicked things off with the Sweet 16 of all-time style greats. In case you missed it, we encourage you to read up on the matchups, but we’ll quickly remind you that this is a tournament of iconography—sure, there are plenty of coaches out there who know their way around a tailored suit, but this rarefied bunch has gone beyond that with a courtside style so legendary, you can name the exact items they’re famous for wearing.

And now, let’s take a look at yesterday’s winners and the Elite Eight matchups.»

Your Spring Awakening Begins Now: The Checklist

  • Najib Benouar

Spring Menswear

Wednesday marks the vernal equinox and thus the official end to winter and beginning of spring.

Which means you’ve basically got this week to check off any lingering items on your winter bucket list, and then get yourself fully into spring mode. (And you know what that means: the reappearance of sundresses. Lovely, lovely sundresses.)

So, during this week, we’re helping you out with a little series we like to call “Your Spring Awakening.” And we begin with your spring preparedness guide (you may want to print this out and tape it to your bathroom mirror).

Herewith, everything you should have done by week’s end.»

Doritos Locos, Vine Filmmakers and the Beginning of the End for the Hangovers

  • Kempt Staff


Batten Down the Hatches: A Continuous Lean showers praise on the outdoorsy outerwear brand Batten Sportswear.

The Bell Tolls: The harrowing tale of one woman’s destiny with Taco Bell’s latest chimera, a Cool Ranch Doritos Loco, as played out on a subway platform.

Super-Short Film: A few enterprising filmmakers have been honing their Vine craft—and Vulture rounds up the best six-second movies out there.

Back to Vegas: And now, the teaser trailer for the third and final installment of the Hangover trilogy.

The Stat Sheet: Unionmade Fairfax Jacket

  • Najib Benouar


With another spring arrival—this time at Unionmade—comes another lightweight jacket perfect for the wintry side of spring we’re soon to be transitioning into.

This Fairfax shawl-collared varsity jacket is the next piece in the long-standing collaboration between San Francisco’s own Unionmade and Golden Bear—just in time for spring training. Here’s what else you need to know.

The Story: SF men’s shop Unionmade has made a name for itself selling sensible, heritage-leaning menswear, and they’ve also made a habit of collaborating with some of their favorite labels—including Golden Bear, a local company that’s been in the varsity jacket business for nearly century.

Who to Channel: A well-heeled relief pitcher warming up in the bullpen; a varsity boat skipper.

When to Wear It: This one is your windbreaker for all seasons—the shawl collar can be turned up for even more protection to your breeze-susceptible neck.

Think of This As: The ideal love child between a windbreaker and a varsity jacket.

A moment of inspiration, after the jump.»

Introducing Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder was one of the great heroes of this year’s market week, impressing with a blend of stripped-down sportswear and continental tailoring. In short, it’s a more elegant take on the staples of menswear—the kind of thing you’d expect from a former creative director of J. Crew.

And now, it’s all finally trickling online.

Unionmade just unveiled seven pieces from his fall/winter crop, including a selvedge oxford shirt and a linen crewneck that might be the best sweatshirt we’ve seen all year.

And if that whets your appetite, you may be able to see the rest in person. Word is, the Bergdorf Goodman in New York is showing the full line by appointment. Just think of it as the early edition.

All Black Everything


You’re in soccer mourning. It’s understandable.

So to lament the defeat of the U.S. team in yesterday’s Women’s World Cup final, you can pick up this all-black trainer jacket and commence the most solemn elliptical session of your life.

It was made as a tribute to our beloved New York Cosmos, who happened to be coalescing during the infamous New York Blackout of ’77. But given the circumstances, we’d say it doubles as the official garment of soccer mourners everywhere. And now that we consider it, we’re still pretty bummed about that Ghana thing…

Ms. Lima, Mr. Balk, and Mr. Mantegna


Cover Girl: Adriana Lima’s in the running for the new face of Givenchy. We’ll start lobbying now. [The Cut]

Awl of Me: The new ex-Gawker news site wastes no time in going after New York Magazine. Editors, lock up your trend pieces. [The Awl]

Fat Tony: Joe Mantegna continues to be one of our favorite people. [A. V. Club]

Go East, Young Man: Russian sportswear is far more complex and symbolically loaded than we ever would have thought. Spoiler alert: numerology is involved. [The Moment]