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Rihanna Has No Use for Blankets

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Scarlett Johansson Is Really Enjoying House

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Swimsuits, Construction Sites, and Valentine’s Day Equipment


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Kemptress: Bar Refaeli

  • Jared Paul Stern


What has Leo DiCaprio got that you haven't? Well, Bar Refaeli for one, the startlingly stacked Israeli model he's been keeping company with for the past couple years.

Considering the stilettos she's stepping into here - Leo's ex is if course The Gisele - Bar looks like beating the odds. She was the first Israeli chick to be admitted into the ranks of *Sports Illustrated*'s Swimsuit Issue sirens and was recently named Best Body of 2008 by *Arena* magazine. To top it off she was just picked as the new face (and such) of Hurley, the Californian surf and skate company with a cult-like following.

The ads (above) will debut in the fall, when she'll also be appearing in Tommy Hilfiger's *Iconic America* TV special.

We'll let you make your own “Bar none” joke.