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Kempt Man of the Hour: Dan Hendricks

You can usually count on the best-dressed people at the trade shows to be creative director of something or other. In the case of this week’s capsule show, it was Dan Hendricks of Spiewak, demonstrating Malkovichian intensity and an excellent use of the semi-clubbed collar.

The bean boots are a sign of the slush epidemic that overtook Manhattan this morning, but the watch, tie and tie bar are all prime examples of how well modern workwear does accessories.

Most importantly, he brings a Mr. Rogers-style cardigan into the otherwise rugged mix. It’s a nice curveball, and one of the more neglected items in the winter-layering canon. Our waxed-cotton newsboy caps are off to him.

The Other Waxed Cotton Jacket


We’re still recovering from the sheer quantity of green, corduroy-collared Barbour coats we saw at the Pop Up Flea, so we thought it might be time for a slight variation. Maybe something a little thicker…

This Spiewak deck jacket has the same rich waxed cotton look as your beloved Barbour, but the sheepcoat lining is thick enough to push it into Jeremiah Johnson territory—and make it a lot more snow-ready than most of its waxed cousins. They’ve been making industrial jackets for firemen, paramedics and soldiers for upwards of a century—presumably in a forward-thinking bid to shore up their workwear cred—but the off-center buttons put the whole thing just off-center enough to stay current.

As for what to do with your old Barbour, your girlfriend would probably take it off your hands…