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The Motley Boat Shoe


Now that we’re fully into sockless season, we’re noticing a lot of multicolored boat shoes around. It’s only natural for the boat shoe to get a bit peacocky now that it’s been in the trend spotlight for a few seasons…but we didn’t expect the result to be quite so sharp.

The beginner versions are from standbys like Sebago and Sperry (the latter is reportedly Errol Morris’ favorite shoe), but those are just your subdued options. Once you’ve graduated to the genuinely eye-popping models, you can entertain yourself with Yuketen and Band of Outsiders’ latest. Imagine that flood of colors next to a blanched khaki and a bare ankle…and you’ll start to see why we’re so excited.

And judging by the neon-hued Sperrys at Band of Outsiders’ Pitti show, this is just the beginning.

Vikki Dougan Does Not Much Care For Zippers

vikkidougan_crop.jpgvia WBE

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With the Band


Fresh on the heels of their CFDA nod, Band of Outsiders posted another video projection full of thick plastic shades, madras trenchcoats, and trilbies as far as the eye can see.

It’s nothing too different from last time around, but we’re glad to see a few more suspenders get in there, and the welcome addition of topsiders to their lookbook. And they still do men’s shorts better than just about anybody.

The hitting streak continues…

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Formed a Band


The Spring 09 collection from perennial favorites Band of Outsiders is currently making the rounds (thanks, Kanye), but this time they’re in video form.

Instead of a set of static pictures, we get a series of people fading gently in and out of frame in madras hoodies, tartan shorts and, of course, bow ties. The shoes are mostly Topsider-esque boaters, but there’s nothing here to suggest the BoO folks are slipping. Mostly, we just wish it were warmer.

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A Nautical Mile


Band of Outsiders returned to do another version of their successful Sperry Top-Siders revamp, and we have to say that they turned out pretty well.

They swap the treated leather for treated wool, making it a little less susceptible to dunking, and the deep green is more army than navy, but how many of those shoes ever see the top of a sailboat anyway? In this case, we don’t mind a little creative anachronism.

Drille-ing Down


With sockless weather in full swing, we’ve been rediscovering an Iberian alternative to mandals or the usual deck shoe. Welcome to the wonderful world of espadrilles.

A footwear tradition in the Pyrenees—where rugged ventilation is a necessity—espadrilles date back to the 1300s, but recent years have seen them adopted as a unisex shoe by high fashion crowds. While they're a common sight on the streets of Paris, they're still catching on stateside. The trick to the canvas wonders is the braided jute rope bottoms, both surprisingly soft and slick enough to keep the shoes from getting too funky over the course of the summer.

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