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Farewell to the Original Iron Man

John Glenn coincidentally (but awesomely) threw out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium yesterday as part of a previously scheduled ceremony to honor Glenn’s service as both an orbiting astronaut and United States senator. Before heading out to the mound, Glenn, 91, was asked an extraordinary question: “Were you jealous of Neil Armstrong?”

The senator’s response made us proud to be Americans (and baseball fans)...»

Nadine Ponce Is Wearing a Canadian Shorts-Suit

  • Kempt Staff

Shoot for the Stars: Thanks to new advancements in cosmic cartography, you can watch the entire universe unfold in under two minutes. (It’s becoming our new screensaver.) [The Atlantic]

Cool Cat:The story of one man’s journey to stay sweat-free while still dressing in a socially acceptable manner—and the gadgets he’s found along the way. [NY Times]

Golds Are Great, But...: An impassioned cry to bring back America’s former glory as number one in everything, especially Guinness Book records. [McSweeney’s]

Bugatti Boy: Designer Duncan Quinn tells the tale of his high-speed weekend behind the wheel of a Bugatti Veyron in the supercar fever dream known as the goldRush Rally. [Driven]

Reentry: A Total Eclipse, a Bee Gee Dies and the Staples Center Shuffle

Sunday’s annular eclipse through binoculars in Sacramento, CA.

(Turn around), every now and then the moon passes in front of the sun, leaving only a golden ring around its edges. Such was the case across China, Japan and the West Coast of the United States on Sunday, where the annular eclipse was most visible. Elsewhere, as expected, the eclipse was incredibly anticlimactic and simply led to some late-afternoon impromptu sneezing.

For those who stared at it too long, here’s what you may have missed over weekend...»

Nina Savic Is Already Wearing Something More Comfortable

Two Men and the City: Street Etiquette takes a high-contrast tour of Fashion Week, including some handsome duck hunter camo. [Street Etiquette]

The Never-Ending Flea: Marisa of Sig Other sets up a place to buy her favorite things, including city boots from Brooklyn Bootworks and a few Graham Withers ties. [The Sig Other]

Tweed and Flannel: A solid street shot from Guerreisms. We’re not sure about the hat, but the dad jeans are impeccable. [Details]

The Great Moon Rock Heist: Believe it or not, there’s a black market in moon rocks. This piece looks at the NASA special agent assigned to keeping it in check. [Gizmodo]

On John Glenn and Heroes

Astronaut John Glenn aboard the USS Noa after having been recovered from a splash landing in the Atlantic Ocean.

Fifty years ago this week, when John Glenn completed the first of three orbits around the earth, he reported the presence of a bright light on an otherwise pitch-black, sunless horizon. Fearing that Glenn was hallucinating, the medical staff was called in to initiate a health assessment test. As it turned out, though, residents of Perth, Australia, had turned on every light in the city as a message of goodwill to the astronaut orbiting above. From then on, Perth would be known as “the city of lights.”

And John Glenn, an intergalactic hero...»

The Reentry: October 24

We begin this week’s Reentry with news that a German satellite reentered Earth’s atmosphere over the weekend and slammed itself into one or more portions of Southeast Asia, though no one is sure exactly where. In a (only-slightly) reassuring statement from Jonathan McDowell of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, “If [the flaming mini-van-sized two-ton comet] had come down over a populated area, there probably would be reports by now.”

Here’s what else you (may or may not have) missed over the weekend...»