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The Anatomy of a Trench Coat, Game of Thrones Returns and Visiting Southwick’s Suit Factory

  • Kempt Staff


Entrenched: Well Spent goes hands-on with American Trench to get an itemized look at the return on investment.

Game Time: With the return of Game of Thrones on Sunday, Wired endeavors to get you up to speed. (Spoilers abound.)

Fitting In: Gilt MANual has some solid advice for anyone still wondering exactly how a good pair of pants should fit.

Well Suited: An up-close-and-personal tour of Southwick’s legendary suiting factory in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Take a Look into the New Carson Street Clothiers

  • Najib Benouar

Carson Street Clothiers

Our comrades-in-style over at UrbanDaddy NYC got a sneak peek at the hotly anticipated men’s shop, Carson Street Clothiers, that’s opening in SoHo this week.

The brick-and-mortar—not to mention, a lot of handsome hardwood—shop is a veritable menswear bazaar of grail pieces you thought only existed on achingly beautiful Tumblr pages or in some secret back alley in Naples. (Not to fear, there’s an e-commerce arm in the works.) It’s the brainchild of Brian Trunzo (of Nice Try, Bro menswear Internet fame) and fellow former attorney Matt Breen, who’ve been cultivating their shared passion for menswear since their days as law school roommates. And the Internet buzz did not disappoint: there’s custom Southwick and Alfonso Felipe suiting, all the Bastian/Ovadia/Italian silk one closet could handle, vintage watches, luggage, the list goes on. It all makes for one well-heeled feast for the eyes, so without further ado:

Take a look into the New Carson Street Clothiers.»

The Fall Jacket

The perfect fall blazer is a beautiful thing. Pick up the right one, and it’ll be the most versatile item in your closet through to December—equally at home with denim and wool, wingtips and sneakers. As for finding the right one, we’d opt for an outfit that’s either very old or very good at faking it…

For instance, Southwick—a New England shop that’s been stitching together made-to-measure jackets since the 20s.

And since Jack Spade just drafted them for a mini-collection devoted entirely to blusterproof suiting, you won’t have to bother with the measuring tape. The full collection includes camelhair topcoats and hopsack blazers, but the prize is this wool herringbone jacket—a prime example of one of the best fall pieces out there.

Now all you need is a scarf and a pile of leaves to walk through.