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Soup for You

A couple weeks ago, we came down pretty hard on the oversaturation of Warhol schwag, namely this giant Campbell’s range hood. Our views on this matter have not changed.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Warhol’s iconic painting, Campbell’s Soup is distributing its tomato variety in a series of designer, Warhol-inspired cans. We’re told that you can pick up the entire set at Target for the remarkably fair price of $0.75 a can.

In other news, Campbell’s Soup is still in business.

In the Can


He may lose the hockey mom vote, but it’s a safe bet that Barry is still the favorite among the graphic design crowd. So it’s no surprise the man has better t-shirts.

This one is our pick so far, splitting the difference between Andy Warhol and Shepard Fairey. It’s got more irony than most campaign shirts—after all, who wants to vote for a soup can?—and a little wit goes a long way.

So far they're just online, although you can probably find one in person if you take a stroll through central Williamsburg over the next few weeks. As for a soup can-fueled bump in the polls…we’ll keep you posted.