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Spray-On Pam

  • Jared Paul Stern


Got an extra 25 grand, a blank wall and some friends you want to fuck with? Then head over to Sotheby's today and snap up this eye-popping photo of Pamela Anderson by merry prankster David LaChapelle. The pic, which was taken in 2004 and measures an impressive 3-ft. tall, is a playful take on Pam's permatan—not to mention her massive mammalian protuberances.

The pneumatic portrait is buried among a fairly ho-hum collection of contemporary art in the auction house's New York sale today, with an estimate of $18,000 - $25,000 which we predict will end up on the high side even though most people will be bidding on paintings. Because there's always been a heated competition for Pam's ample charms.

Joe Knows

  • Jared Paul Stern


While some claim Sotheby's' upcoming Damien Hirst blowout—which is expected to bring in about $120 million—is merely an excuse to clear out a backlog of unsold work from Hirst's London gallery, the bad boy Brit artist insists it actually marks a major turning point in his colorful career.

Titled *Beautiful Inside My Head Forever* and timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the celebrated *Freeze* exhibition which launched his career, Hirst says the sale represents the last of his long-running series of formaldehyde works, spin, and spot paintings, which have become a bit too predictable.

“It's like my friend [late Clash frontman] Joe Strummer once told me about writing songs,” Hirst says. “If you can guess what the rhyme's gonna be in the next line, then it's shit and you've gotta change it.” We couldn't agree more; Hirst's work, turned out by his “factory,” Warhol-style, resembles nothing more then a broken, though very profitable, record at this point. Time for a new gimmick, old boy.

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Adam Lippes

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