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Aether Goes Brick-and-Mortar in SoHo

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


Speaking of adventure essentials... Aether, masters of all things technically superior, have ditched the Airstream and today debut their first stand-alone store in New York City.

The glossy gray floors of the new SoHo shop are lined in backlit LED shipping containers, chock-full of aspiration and apparel for the freewheeling and sartorially minded outdoorsy sect.

Vintage motorcycles sit atop masterfully crafted Schoeller anoraks, alongside a smartly curated collection of books/dry goods with useful tips, like How to Stay Alive in the Woods.

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Leaving the Country


Workwear makes for strange bedfellows.

It wasn’t too long ago the puffy jacket was bette noir among the slim Soho crowds. But after a couple of decades of exile, they’ve finally seen the light on Penfield again. (At least, as long as it’s black.)

This goosedown comes from a collaboration with Rag & Bone that tones down the usual plaids and adds zipoff sleeves, but keeps the same ursine profile that makes usually Penfield coats so much fun. There’s also a hooded model for women and a vest for earlier in the fall, both in similarly monochromatic form. The whole batch hits Rag & Bone stores in august, but if you can’t wait… there’s always the older version.

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The Trusting Type


We’re curious fellows here at Kempt, so we’re always up for a little rack-hunting.

To that end, we took a peek inside *In God We Trust*, a boutique split between New York’s SoHo and Williamsburg. Managed by designer Shana Tabor, the stores split their stock between the house label—mostly female, but with a few very tempting bags—and what Shana calls “like-minded brands.” The store and the label both project a kind of Newport bohemianism that comes off much easier than it sounds.

The trick, we suspect, is being selective.

Inside *In God We Trust*»

Playboy Under Wraps, Emo Wars and Going on The Pill


White Wash: The massive DKNY advertising mural turned Soho icon at Manhattan's Houston and Broadway is, like all the other signs of the neighborhood's 80s heyday, not long for this world. [WWD]

NFL Lock Out: Football may ban excessive hair use, putting an end to those Thors and rastas of the gridiron. [Styledash]

Chaste Bunnies: The Philippine version of Playboy will be a fully-clothed, demure affair with, "maybe one nipple," here and there. No fun. [Canadian Press]

Forever in Blue Jeans: Mike "Muffin Top" Albo searches for recession-proof denim. [NYTimes]

Panic at The Mexico: Emo kids are facing systematic beat downs south of the border and uniting to defend their rights and feathered hair. March on, wasted youth. March on. [The Daily Swarm]

Forged Signature: Refusing to let a little thing like legal permission hold it back, an Italian clothes maker bravely strikes out on its own to create the George Clooney collection. [WWD]

The Holy Grail: Bring on the male birth-control pill. [Altpenis]

Tommy Opens, eBay Fakes, White Pages and More

Jimmy Page

What Goes Around…: A Gauliter jacket was the big prize ($11,600) at a rare Paris vintage-menswear auction. [AP]

Green Jeans: Biodegraded denim recycled into auto fuel. Cargo pants still bound for landfills. [Treehugger]

Bidders Beware: Watch yourself when shopping for bargains on big-ticket jewelry gifts on eBay. [Family and Twist]

Big In Japan: A fascinating deconstruction of the market forces behind trends in the trend-happy East. [Clast]

Tom Tomorrow:: Is Hifiger SoHo bank or bust—decide for yourself on Thursday. [She Knows Best]

White Wizard: Men.Style gives a whole lotta love to Jimmy Page's silver fox look. We prefer Jimmy as pictured… [Material Interest]

Silver Lining


Next time you ask a fellow astigmatic where he got his frames, he might refer you to the tattooed opticians at SoHo's new Silver Lining. Described by co-owner Jordan Silver as, "the first optical shop in New York, or anywhere for that matter, that has a definite masculine feel," the boutique will offer a selection of over 6,000 vintage frames and 500 one-of-a-kind pieces for discerning four-eyed customers when it opens November 2nd.

Already known for partnerships with several fashion houses and the venerable Selima Optique, Silver has joined with certified optician Erik Sacher to "bring back the profession" of matching unique men with unique frames. Of course, you don't need 20/40 vision to get in the door. Silver Lining will also be turning their eye for craftsmanship and rarities to classic sunglasses. Visit Silver Lining at 100 Thompson Street between Prince and Spring, on the web at or call 212-274-9191.