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The Very Best of John Belushi: A Video Primer

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


The late master of sketch would’ve been 65 today, which got us pining for the good ol’ days of the Olympia diner, Samurai Futaba, John Blutarsky and the like.

So, we did what we do, and took to the Internet—putting together a little primer for you, a greatest hits reel if you will. And while (unfortunately) copyrights and various other red tape have nixed most of the greatness, we were steadfast.

Block off the next 30 minutes in your Google calendars and buckle up for the best of John Belushi.»

Elena Baguci Is Game

  • Kempt Staff

It’s Whiskey Season: Valet celebrates American rye whiskey—in turn, you should celebrate by drinking it. [Valet]

Red Zone: Esquire plays dress-up with the red carpet’s best dressed—from Hamm to Baldwin. [Esquire]

Not All Flash: Engadget get its hands on the most menswear camera on the scene right now: the Leica X2 Paul Smith Edition. [Engadget]

Ill Willard: SNL couldn’t wait till Saturday to satirize Mitt Romney. [LA Times]

The Reentry: Manchester City’s Miracle, Johnny Carson and How to Be a Spy

Manchester City wins the English Premier League title, May 11, 1968

They hadn’t won a championship in 44 years. Down 2-1 with time running out, it seemed Manchester City would once again concede the English Premier League title to its crosstown rivals, Manchester United. Then, the impossible happened: Edin Dzeko and Sergio Aguero scored back-to-back goals with seconds remaining in stoppage time—and the city of Manchester partied like it was 1968.

Other nice shots from the weekend, after the jump...»

A Clintonian Surge for Santorum

Part one of PBS’s great documentary on Bill Clinton aired last night, just hours after a Gallup poll showed Rick Santorum leading Mitt Romney by 36% to 26% among national Republicans. All eyes are now on Michigan as 2012’s sweater-vested version of the Comeback Kid may be poised to send Mitt Romney the way of Paul Tsongas. (Unless, of course, a version of Jennifer Flowers emerges as well.)

Here’s what else you may have missed over the “holiday”...»

The Reentry: December 19

Minor nuclear weapons power dictator and bouffant hairstyle icon Kim Jong Il has died.

So ronrey, indeed.

If it seems like the 2011 holiday season is endless this time around, that’s because 2011 has blessed/cursed us with five weekends in December, the third of which saw the Iraq War officially come to a close, Christian Bale roughed up by Chinese thugs and, in our opinion, the best Saturday Night Live in over a decade.

Oh, and Playboy’s sales apparently weren’t affected by those leaked naked Lohan pics...»

Anthea Spends Hours Braiding

Around the Track: Michael Williams uncovers a massive, intricate race track in the office of a gentleman with far too much spare time. [A Continuous Lean]

Hey, It’s Those Cheerleaders Again: An illustrated guide to SNL’s recurring characters—and who relied on the crutch the most. Apparently Stefon has not yet gotten his due. [Vulture]

Plus, Getting Punched In The Face A Lot: Training for an MMA fight is every bit as terrifying as you would expect. One writer goes undercover. [Deadspin]

Supreme: John Coltrane is getting a graphic novel biography, courtesy of Paolo Parisi. About time. [Wire]

Kermit Meets Terry, Mod Style and Glowing Toiletries


Roger, Wilco, Out: StyleDash thinks Jeff Tweedy needs a style intervention due to his SNL appearance in a nudie suit. Similarly, we think Style Dash needs a music intervention due to their apparent ignorance of the Flying Burrito Brothers (video). [StyleDash]

Team Colors: An interview with sideline style leader and coach of the 5-and-11 49ers, Mike Nolan. [HuffPo]

Housing Futures: Figuring that all the collapsing real estate market needs is a fresh blazer, "Fashion Futurist Geoffrey Beane" (say whaa?) is teaming up with Century 21 (not the store) to redesign their iconic gold jacket. [Business Wire]

For Absolute Beginners: Buying into Mod style. [ModCulture via Retro to Go]

Best Men: Engineered Garments brings home the inaugural GQ/CFDA Best New Menswear Designers in America award (oh, and $50,000). [Men.Style]

Leading Lights: Luring men toward a new shaving cream is much like luring mosquitos to a high-voltage death. [NYTimes]

Historical Threads: Classic American style parsed. [A Continuous Lean]

It's Not Easy Being Green: Kermit the Frog gets his slimy, webbed hands on Terry Richardson—or is that the other way around? [Skidknee]