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Summerizing Your Formalwear

  • Najib Benouar


Formalwear, by design, is usually pretty stuffy.

But with the warmer, more carefree summer party circuit on the horizon—weddings, society croquet galas, et cetera—you’ve got permission to lighten things up a bit. That means cotton instead of silk, linen instead of cotton and, for the love of all things holy above 90 degrees, not a stitch of velvet in sight. So we’ve rounded up a few lightweight substitutions for your tuxedo routine that will keep you just as dapper through the hotter months to come. No sweat.

Summerizing your formalwear in four easy steps...»

Chambray’s Dirty Secret, Bastian Hangs with Trinidad James and Details Loves Sherry

  • Kempt Staff

Tuxedo slippers

Menswear, Science: Tweed in the City sets a few samples of chambray aflame in an attempt to get to the bottom of the poly-blend conspiracy. This could go all the way to the top.

Cats and Dogs: While felines might rule the Internet era, Slate reminds us that canines reign in print.

Straight Flexin’: In what has undoubtedly resulted in the photo that will break the #menswear Internet this week, Michael Bastian and Trinidad James profess their shared love for tuxedo slippers.

Oh, Sherry: Details makes the case for giving Sherry a second chance. (The drink.)

Eddie Redmayne’s Tuxedo Slippers and More Oscar Handsomeness

  • Najib Benouar

Eddie Redmayne

We spent the better part of last week ruminating on the state of black tie on the red carpet (it’s as strong as ever) in the lead-up to last night’s Oscars.

And we were hoping to see some of our handiwork out on the red carpet. We were not disappointed—and, aside from Daniel Day-Lewis’s pitch-perfect getup (right down to the tipped pocket square we suggested here) our proudest moment was when newcomer Eddie Redmayne traipsed in wearing velvet tuxedo slippers (another one of our suggestions).

We’ve been tracking Redmayne’s red-carpet ascension closely this awards season, and this move solidifies his bid as Red Carpet Rookie of the Year. (The rest of his kit was also impeccable, as you can see.) But it was an undeniably handsome night all around, so we couldn’t let the chance to point out a few more of our favorites go by.

Another look at the real winners of last night’s tuxedo games.»

Beyond the Tux: Evaluating the Tuxedo Slipper

  • Najib Benouar

Black Tie header

With the triumphant return of black tie to red carpets everywhere over the past few awards seasons, we’re especially looking forward to the upcoming Oscars. But with the parades of grosgrain on each red carpet ever-growing, it begs the question: what makes one tuxedo different from—or better than—another? So this week we’ll be dissecting the few subtle nuances to keep an eye out for on Sunday—and to consider incorporating into your own formalwear routine.

First up: the tuxedo slipper. It’s the traditional footwear of the black-tie trads, and if you’re adventurous enough to forgo the ubiquitous patent leather lace-ups, we’ve got a few ideas for you:

Evaluating the many forms of the tuxedo slipper.»

Kempt’s Guide to the Menswear Gift Guides

  • Najib Benouar

No doubt your inbox and just about every menswear site you frequent has made you aware: ’tis the season to be gifting. And, therefore, receiving. (This is geared toward the latter.)

In our ongoing campaign to help you win the holidays, we had our team of menswear research fellows cull every single gift guide on the Internet, pull out all of the best menswear and lay it all out in one handy be-all, end-all guide.

Put all of this on your holiday wish list, if it isn’t already. Or just conspicuously leave this guide open on as many browsers as possible.

Onward, to the bounty of handsomeness that awaits, in Kempt’s Guide to the Menswear Gift Guides.»

Candice Swanepoel Still Won’t Admit She’s Lost

  • Kempt Staff

Lovebirds: Bellerose is back with more of the same awkward ornithological lookbooking. [Esquire]

Velvet Fever: GQ spends a moment with Justin Bieber to dissect his leather-tank-topped, drop-crotched and studded-slippered getup at the AMAs. [GQ]

Gangsta Chap: Leave it to Put This On to dig up this video of a rapping dandy. [PTO]

Stone Cold: The blokes at Esky across the pond have got a sneak peek at some never-been-seen Rolling Stones photos from when they bunked up at that French villa. [Esquire UK]

The GTH House Slippers

  • Najib Benouar

Wrapping your feet in velvet can be, well, a slippery slope. (But it’s something your fall-to-winter scampering requires.)

Luckily, the clever trads over at Stubbs & Wootton have just unveiled their new fall line of evening slippers—with a few irreverent twists, per usual. As a rule of thumb, if you’re going to venture any further than the standard black-velvet hard bottoms, you’d do well to go with something that evokes the smoky den of a retired British admiral, not a neo-apocalyptic runway show. It’s not that you can’t have a little fun with them, though—after all, this is one of the few affectations that may never see the light of day—which is why we’re particularly fond of this pair that looks to be a standard monogrammed set, until you read them together. (We’ll let you sound it out.)

Also great for fans of The Odd Couple.

Slipping into Summer

  • Najib Benouar

The summer is no excuse to go barefoot. (But it is an excuse to get as close to it as possible with your footwear.)

This new line of linen, cotton and silk slippers from SVZ is exactly what you need to keep it light on your toes. They’re handmade to order in Italy and have a soft grippy bottom—we would recommend these for puttering around on a Sunday afternoon, not hitting the town. They’ll especially come in handy tucked into your weekender—ready to sub in for those flimsy hotel slippers or flip-flops if you find yourself outside of a few hundred feet radius of water.

Toni Garrn Can See Her House From Up Here

  • Najib Benouar

Ghostface for the Block: The NY Times reports that a Hollywood Squares remake is in the works—trading over-the-hill celebrities for aging rappers. This is going to be amazing. [The NY Times]

Statesman of Style: Winston Churchill was rocking embroidered slippers since before you were born, young man. [The Paris Review]

A Call from Cooperstown: The Baseball Hall of Fame offers 49-year-old pitcher Jamie Moyer an internship. Hilarity ensues. []

Come, Come, Mr. Bond: The Telegraph rounds up the most iconic hotels that 007 has stayed in. Start packing your bags. [The Telegraph]

Sports Illustrated Always Finds the Nicest Swimsuits

Louder Than a Ton: Tommy Ton takes on New York Fashion Week, with predictably sharp results. [GQ]

Kilim Rising: Perhaps it’s time for you to buy a pair of slippers that look like a carpet. [Die, Workwear]

V Is for Victory: Some push-pull on the value of Valentine’s Day. We still blame the roses. [The Atlantic Wire]

Keep It Simple: In the background of Fashion Week, Dana Lee continues to kill it. [The OEN]

The Raw Slipper

Here’s a low-key alternative for those who aren’t ready for the full house shoe. These slippers come from Sweden’s Pia Wallén, and instead of suede and velvet, they sub in every industrial designer’s favorite material: raw felt.

We won’t sugarcoat it; they’re just a swath of wool glued to a patch of rubber. But if it’s just for puttering between your bed and the shower, that might be all you need. The gray is the Dieter Rams favorite (plus, it’ll match your MacBook), but there are also red and white versions if you feel like something flashier. If it’s still not flashy enough... there’s always the velvet slipper.

The House Shoe

We love fall, but it has a few drawbacks. For instance, it may be too chilly to spend Sunday afternoon barefoot. It’s a shame…but nothing a well-chosen slipper can’t solve.

Specifically, the most decadent piece of footwear known to man: the house shoe. If you’re indulgent enough to pick one up, it’s likely to be the most comfortable item you own—for the simple fact that it will never venture outside your house.

And naturally, we’ve got a few favorites.

Our three favorite house shoes…»

Upgrading the Hotel Slipper

Portegna Slippers

Here’s a new secret weapon for your weekender bag: a pair of leather slippers. This pair comes from Portegna—a Spanish leather company more accustomed to handbags and card holders—with a little design help from Monocle. It’s designed to sub in for the flimsy hotel slippers you usually find alongside your terrycloth bathrobe. But instead of cotton and cardboard, these are glove-soft leather—and the kind of thing you might actually want to wear around the house.