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Fanny Francois Is About To Do A Really Complicated Dive

Fanny Francoisvia WBE

The Jet Has Been Set: In honor of the upcoming long weekend, Details rounds up the best summer gear to bring along for the ride. [Details]

The Wind and the Rain: A look inside the studio of the great Nigel Cabourn. [Hypebeast]

The Hobo Beat: A 19th Century drifter dubbed “The Leather Man”was exhumed this weekend, but his identity remains a mystery. Enduring style tip: for a memorable first impression, make your pants out of old boots. [City Room]

Milk and Honey: Can men breastfeed? After much investigative chafing, Slate can definitively answer “no.” Sorry, guys. [Slate]

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Crystal Renn Stretches Before Exercise

The Man Who Sold The World (Cardigans): T Magazine sits down with Federico Marchetti, the man behind [The Moment]

A Man in Part: Russell Brand has mastered the British art of saying funny things that seem like they will get him in trouble. [Vulture]

Living Small: The virtues and pitfalls of the minimalist lifestyle. [Lifehacker]

Beef is When Your Personal Essay Ain’t Safe up in the Street: Good Men Project takes on Slate, in a battle royale of well-intentioned, mildly counter-intuitive essays. [Good Men Project]