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Mónica Cruz Loved That Scene in Flashdance

  • Kempt Staff

Just Browsing: Because we feel obligated to keep our readers abreast of the latest advancements in lingerie cinematography, here’s Agent Provocateur’s new Victorian-era-themed F/W video. [Agent Provocateur]

Grand Opening: The preternaturally cool Opening Ceremony brand is expanding its empire to print journalism—and the subscription lines are open. [OCNN]

You Can’t Handle the Bluth: Arrested Development fanatics might want to sit down for this... Reports have confirmed that a new season is being filmed as we speak. [Deadline]

Sliders Wearing Hats: A comprehensive mapping of the shorthand slang used at some of NYC’s finest dining establishments. [NY Times]

Short-Order Slang: A Glossary of Terms

With heavy hearts (and arteries) yesterday we said goodbye to the Prime Burger, one of the last remaining greasy spoons in Manhattan. While our beloved, 74-year-old burger joint couldn’t be saved, its short-order slang must live on.

Diner lingo is by no means exclusive to the Prime Burger—temperamental waitresses and short-order cooks have employed the lippy jargon since the late 1800s. While at times crass (and mildly racist), there’s something undeniably comforting about a gum-smacking gal named Flo commanding some invisible force in the kitchen to “burn one, black and blue, and drag it through the garden.” (Well-done cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato and onion.)

Who knows, these may come in handy the next time you’re short on the bill...»

Candice Swanepoel Is Tired of Your Overly Ambitious Sand Castles

Candice Swanepoelvia GQ UK

Shacket and Sweats: A close look at some handsome gear from Dana Lee. [The189]

“Dude” Abides: A people’s history of the word “dude” in the 20th century. Clearly they’ve seen this supercut. [Intelligent Life]

Breasts Will Be Doubled: The new crop of suits from Isaia is looking pretty handsome. [Die, Workwear]

Stiff Upper Lip: If you’ve ever wanted to know what Ron Burgundy would look like without a mustache, this is your link. He looks a lot like Ricky Bobby. [Esquire]

A Beginner’s Guide to the Word “Cundiff”

Now that the dust has settled on Sunday’s Ravens-Patriots game, it’s time we took a closer look at its lexical legacy—the word “cundiff.”

Thanks to Billy Cundiff’s game-losing missed kick from just 32 yards out, the surname has taken on a life of its own, a brand-new word with unique meaning: inexplicably failing at a routine task, with catastrophic consequences.

Suddenly, we’re hearing it everywhere—not surprising, since it happens all the time. And to show how useful the new piece of vocab truly is, we’ve put together a few prime examples after the jump...

A beginner’s guide to cundiffing»

Vintage Vernacular: 1920s Jazz-Age Slang

Jazz Dancing

Can we all agree that it’s time to retire the term “cougar”?

Like “shiznit” and “not!” and “damn skippy” before it, “cougar” had a phenomenal run, and now that run is over.

In search of a replacement, we came upon the Jazz Age slang term “bearcat,” used throughout the 1920’s and ‘30s to fondly describe “fiery, experienced woman.” Knowing next to nothing about the animal, we turned to the zoological juggernaut Wikipedia, which revealed that, in addition to being absolutely vicious when cornered, the female bearcat (Arctictis Binturong) uses its tail to communicate via scent glands located on either side of the vulva.

Looks like we have a winner.

This got us thinking: What other slang terms could we repurpose from the 1920’s Jazz Age? It was quite a time, after all...»