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The Four Most Stylish Olympians in 2012 Will Be from San Marino

  • Najib Benouar

In our ongoing coverage of Olympic style, we’ve just gotten word that Salvatore Ferragamo has unveiled his off-duty uniforms for the Olympians of San Marino—officially known as the “Most Serene Republic of San Marino” (and unofficially: rhymes with the name of our favorite ’80s/Dolphins quarterback). The microstate is landlocked within Italy and boasts the oldest constitution still in use. Pretty impressive stuff. They’re fielding four Olympians, who, we daresay, will be the most well-dressed quartet of the entire ceremonies. Finally, we’ve found the team we’ll be rooting for when a medal isn’t on the line.

Man at Work


If you want to know what you’re getting in a piece of clothing, designer sketches can tell you a lot more than the average picture. So it only makes sense we’re starting to see a bit more of them.

Through what must have been an impressive feat of espionage, SlamXHype (via h(y)r) got their hands on Daiki Suzuki’s sketches for the upcoming Woolrich Woolen Mills fall line.

It’s impressive stuff, as we’ve come to expect from Suzuki, but his designs are also especially well suited to sketching. Without distracting things like color and fabric getting in the way, Suzuki’s patches and curves start to look more mathematical than nostalgic, and the whole enterprise takes on a workmanlike air. Which we’d say is only appropriate.

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