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Pancake Sentiments and Porsche-ing Through the Snow

  • Kempt Staff


Panned: On the occasion of yesterday’s National Pancake Day, Slate explores the food’s inextricable link to breakfast.

Dr. Zoice: The Week counts down the 11 words you probably didn’t even realize you were mispronouncing. (You are.)

Nordic Tracks: One man. One 1966 Porsche 911. And the majestic expanse of Norway’s North Cape.

Characters Wanted: Bench & Loom’s Men of Character series reminds us why guys like Sir Edmund Hillary and Tazio Nuvolari are still considered icons to this day.

Mountain Man

Sir Edmund Hillary

This past week saw the exit of one of our personal, favorite style icons. The storied New Zealand adventurer Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to summit Mt. Everest, champion of the Nepalese people and Knight of the Most Nobel Order of the Garter, died at the respectable age of 88.

"Sir Ed" not only led a life of a committed explorer and philanthropist, but executed his expeditions with level of rugged, modest showmanship and grace »