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Simon Spurr Bows Out

The big industry news of the weekend comes from Simon Spurr, who abruptly departed from his namesake label last week—just a week after he got a nod from the CFDA as one of the best menswear designers in America.

It’s left more than a few people stunned, but we’re mostly upset at the prospect that Spurr’s style of transatlantic tailoring might vanish from the scene entirely. He’s never been as trendy as the Thom Brownes of the world, but he’s been responsible for some of the better red-carpet moments of 2012 (starting with this one), and without him heading up a label, there’s no one to carry on the kind of angular suiting he worked so hard to establish.

Which is to say, we hope the man lands on his feet, if only for our wardrobe’s sake.

The Kempt Guide to the November Issues

If you haven’t checked your mailbox recently, we’ve got some good news. Another round of glossy style advice has arrived on the nation’s collective doorstep, and In fact, this month’s haul was particularly interesting because of Esquire’s latest Big Black Book—a glossy tome filled with all the intricacies of style too involved for the general subscriber base. That means dark rum, exotic leathers and all manner of Italian suiting.

Of course, it’s not all good advice—so we’re stepping in to tell you what to read, what to try and what to avoid at all costs.

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Michelle Buswell is Season-Inappropriate

Michelle Buswellvia WBE

Spurred On: A profile of Simon Spurr, from our very own Paul Underwood, chronicling exactly how you get your suit onto Justin Timberlake’s back. [Esquire]

The Man Reappears: An in-depth talk with the hipster cop, who is apparently in his 40s. Good to know he’s keeping current. [City Room]

We Can Always Use Another Olsen: Here’s another profile of Elizabeth Olsen. And yes, we’re still fascinated. [The American Project]

Babies Makin’ Babies: And, finally, Carla Bruni’s giving birth. We’re not happy about it either. [BBC]

The Gentleman’s Cowl


The tube scarf is moving up in the world.

We spotted this one on the runway at the latest Simon Spurr show, pulled up over the head in a desert-ready arrangement we can only describe as a cowl. Of course, you’ll need an item that’s wide enough to transform into a hood when the need arises, but it could be a clever solution for anyone trying to winterize a suit a few months down the road.

And naturally, going double-breasted wouldn't hurt.

The Wages of Yoox


Ah, Europe.

The massive European retailer Yoox just unveiled their semi-annual sale, stocked with some of the best swag the continent has to offer.

The only problem is, it’s big enough to be downright daunting—so we thought we’d pick out a few favorites, starting with this fearlessly busy Thom Browne baracuta riff that might be the most downright badass item to come out of his chalet period.

But don’t worry, there’s plenty of more wearable stuff where that came from.

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Olga Maliouk is Feeling Shiny


ROFL: Blush Lingerie scores a few well-earned points. The heels are sold separately. [SwipeLife]

Simon Says: Simon Spurr throws us some exceedingly kind words. [Forbes]

La Vie en Rose: APC’s Jean Touitou continues to be crotchety, declinist. [Selectism]

We’ll Always Have Thursday Afternoon: Past the 72-hour mark, Balloon Boy has veered off into kitsch. Luckily, NYMag is there to source the five best ironic anthems to bring this episode to a close. Play him off, metaphorical keyboard cat. [Daily Intel]

The Week that Was


Now that the overstimulated fever dream that is Fashion Week has drawn to a close, it’s time to sort the whole mess out through a period of meditative reflection. Our favorites were rag & bone, Simon Spurr, Antonio Azzuolo, General Idea, and Band of Outsiders, but there was plenty more to see that got lost in the shuffle.

Luckily, our friends at Valet Mag have put together a comprehensive but manageable guide to all the menswear to come out of New York Fashion Week, via a little bit of well-applied Flash programming and a whole lot of legwork. Let the browsing begin.

Jingling Spurrs


Simon Spurr turned out yet another solid collection for fashion week—you can see it behind him if you feel like straining, or see our pictures after the jump—but the surprise this time around isn’t the swagger but the source.

This time around, Spurr is assuring customers that 90% of the product is manufactured in Italy, using the finest materials possible. It’s a bold statement, and a sign of how seriously manufacturing is being taken these days, at least by some designers. And if it’s not in line with his current stated inspiration—the movie 2001—we won’t complain too loudly.

Anything that gets us a few more Mimosa-hued parkas is ok with us.

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