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The Little Black Book: BlackBook takes on Evan Rachel Wood as only they can. [Fashion Copious]

Really? Simon Doonan defends Ed Hardy, rendering us speechless until tomorrow morning at the earliest. [NY Observer]

Strong Goop: Gwyneth Paltrow makes for great parody. So great that it took us a while to realize this was fake. [Vanity Fair]

More from the Swedish Chef: The G. I. Joe trailer gets Sweded, with the help of an army of toy tie-ins. [Vulture]

The Pink King, Collared, Paul in St. Pete and More

Paul Smith

Royal Hue: Once upon a time, the king put on a pink blazer… [AFP]

Staying Power: The unheralded inventor of the collar stay—still with us at 82-years-young. [The Materialist]

His and Hers: 65 solid rules for style from a site for Transmen. Fancy that. [Transitional Male]

Broad Stripes: Paul Smith plans launch more of his uniquely curated stores to St Petersburg, San Francisco, Antwerp, Rome, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Istanbul and the pi‚àö¬Æce de résistance, Leeds… like "Leeds" Leeds? [VogueUK]

Strategize, Strategize, Strategize: Holiday shopping with gal pals Fern Mallis and Simon Doonan. [NYMag]