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A Silk Knit Rolex

  • Najib Benouar

Behold: the vintage Rolex of silk knit ties.

The horology-obsessed gents over at Hodinkee have just teamed up with the perennially dapper tie makers Drake’s London to come up with two limited-edition ties based on some legendary Rolexes. Our favorite of the two is this matte gray tie with creamy polka dots that mimic the way the dial and hands of a 1972 Reference 5512 Rolex Submariner have faded. They’re available for preorder now, but you can get first crack at them this weekend in NYC during the Pop Up Flea—the mythical bazaar of menswear co-helmed by our very own editorial director...

Stay tuned for more on what to expect from the guaranteed-to-be-epic PUF V, tomorrow...

Living the Grenadine Dream

  • Najib Benouar

We’re always singing the praises of grenadine ties. (Let Mr. Bond show you how it’s done.) So here’s a bit of great news: the champions of sensible menswear trimmings at The Knottery have just unveiled a new batch of honeycomb-woven silk stunners in their webshop.

As usual, you’re getting a steal—the grenadine silk is from a legendary mill in Como, Italy, and the ties have been unlined in a way that still ensures a satisfying knot. Another nice touch: the ties come in solid colors (often you’ll find grenadine ties that have a navy base with the primary color woven into it). Like all of the Knottery’s offerings, once they’re gone you may never see them again—so you’ll want to strike while the iron is hot.

Our Man in Napoli

You can never have too many Italian tie makers.

So we were pleased to get word of a new custom house in Napoli that specializes in digging up luxurious 40-year-old silks. They’re called Passaggio, and their work takes both money and time. Each batch will take nearly a month to get through their factory—if you want it faster, go to the Germans—but in that time you’ll nail down precisely which dimensions, fabrics and finishing touches complement your collection of suits.

Their favorite trick is stitching together a tie from a single piece of silk (most ties are made from two or three separate pieces) for a lighter, more casual drape, an old-world affectation that’s increasingly hard to find.

They’re still a few months away from e-commerce, so they’re working by email—but nothing this good is ever easy to find.

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